Valorant Breeze Map: Best 3 Agents to Use

Abhimannu Das
25/Apr/2021 03:21 pm

Valorant’s Breeze map will release on April 27 and here are the three best agents that you should pick in the new map.
The new map offers more open combat areas than we are used to but with enough cover to not feel overwhelmed if caught off guard.
The recent buffs to Yoru might finally make him viable on the map as he can take advantage of Gatecrash with long sightlines.

Valorant’s Breeze map is set to release in two days and fans couldn’t be more excited. Picking the right agents in Valorant’s breeze map will allow you to dominate your opponents. The tactical shooter does not have too many maps and its previous release Icebox is far from being one of the community favorites. Valorant’s breeze map offers more open combat areas than we are used to but with enough cover to not feel overwhelmed if caught off guard. With just two days to go, here are the top three agents that you should be using at launch in the new map. 

Valorant Breeze Map: Top 3 Agents

If you are wondering what some of the best agents might be to pick in Valorant’s Breeze map, here are our picks. 


Viper ValorantForcing your way into A and B sites can be difficult and Viper’s abilities makes it easy. Her Toxic Screen is one of the best abilities to counter defenders who can easily hide in crevices on either side of the sites. With both plant areas being very small, Viper’s ultimate can help you zone out opponents quite easily. Putting in some time with Viper will also let you learn lineups with Snake Bite which can prove to be useful if you continue playing her in Valorant’s Breeze map.


Astra ValorantValorant’s latest agent will feel right at home with so many open areas in the new map. If your duelists are able to help you position yourself in the right spaces you will be able to take advantage of Astra’s kit. The problem with the agent is it takes a lot of time to get used to managing her astral and normal forms. You will be able to place stars anywhere on the map and her kit shines in larger maps and Valorant’s Breeze map is the best place for her to shine.


Yoru ValorantThe Duelist slot is hotly contested but Valorant’s breeze map might be a game-changer for the agent. Patch 2.06 brought a ton of buffs for him and the new map might be a good time to pick him up. With plenty of long sight lines that are available on the map, Gatecrash will allow you to flank and catch enemies off guard. Very few agents have the ability to take advantage of long sightlines as Yoru can, and you should take advantage of the agent when the map becomes available.

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