Apex Legends Arena: Release Date, Gameplay Reveal Schedule and Other Details

Abhimannu Das
23/Apr/2021 08:47 am

Apex Legends Arenas is set to be a brand new game mode within the game which will feature 3v3 elimination-style gameplay.
A gameplay trailer is set to drop on April 26 which will offer fans an overview of what to expect from the upcoming game mode.
The new mode is set to launch on May 4 along with a brand new battle pass, a new legend and more.

Apex Legends’ Arena mode is set to launch on May 4 along with a new season, a new legend and a new battle pass. EA has been teasing the game mode for weeks now with an in-game “Decrypt The Passcode” event giving us a glimpse of what the arena maps could look like. Apex Legends’ Arena mode might also introduce Ash as the secretive announcer for the matches. A gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Arena will be available on April 26 for fans to get a look at what to expect from the upcoming mode. The mode is likely to be a 3v3 elimination mode spread across multiple rounds.

Apex Legends Arena: Reveal Schedule

There is a three-minute video highlighting the new content headed to Apex Legends in the next season. The season trailer concluded with a message saying “Welcome to the Arenas” and EA has promised a gameplay reveal of the upcoming mode on April 26. 

Apex Legends Arena: Release Date

The new Apex Legends Arena mode is expected to launch with Season 9: Legacy on May 4. The new season will introduce Valkyrie as the newest legend in the game and include a new season pass with cosmetics, crafting materials and Apex Coins up for grabs. Players will also get access to a new bow in the loot pool as well as seasonal events throughout the season. 

What to Expect From Apex Legends’ Arena Mode?

Apex Legends’ Arena Mode was first discovered within the game’s code back in January. According to the leaks, the new mode will be a permanent addition to the game instead of a limited-time event which the game is known for. It has a position next to the Play and Ranked Leagues in the UI which suggests that Respawn wants to create more game modes within Apex. 

Arenas will be skirmish-style modes with two teams of three fighting it out with each other in the existing maps. It is likely that the maps will be downsized or players will load into restricted areas within the maps to battle it out. Most of the points of interest that exist in the game will be used as maps as revealed in the datamined information. 

Respawn Entertainment has also promised more Titanfall 2 content in the coming months. Ash is a recurring character from Titanfall 2 The game’s newest legend Valkyrie is also connected to Titanfall 2 villain Viper. We can expect Arena mode and future content to bridge the gap between TF2 and Apex’s lore over the coming seasons. 

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