Apex Legends Season 9 Latest Leaks: No New Weapons and Bangalore & Caustic Nerf Reverted

Abhimannu Das
18/Apr/2021 08:10 am

Apex Legends Season 9’s latest leaks suggest that there will be no new weapon which has left many fans disappointed.
The EPG will be added in Season 10 but it might be switched out with a bow that was leaked earlier this month.
Bangalore and Caustic will also be receiving updates which will make their smoke and nox gas more viable.

Apex Legends Season 9’s latest leaks suggest that there will not be a new weapon as part of the content update patch. There were rumours of the Smart Pistol from Titanfall 2 making it into the game but some reports from a prominent leaker suggest that the next weapon will drop in Season 10. Apex Legends’ Season 9’s latest leaks also suggest that Bangalore and Caustic will receive a slight buff in the near future. A VFX change that was deployed in the recent Chaos Theory event will be looked at. Here is a breakdown of all the Apex Legends Season 9’s latest leaks. 

Apex Legends Season 9 Latest Leaks: No New Weapons

One of the latest leaks of Apex Legends Season 9 suggests that there will be no new weapons available. Respawn Entertainment has consistently added new weapons for players in each season and the developers skipping out on a new weapon is surprising. The Volt and 30-30 Repeater were the most recent additions in the past two seasons. While the Repeater is not particularly good, Volt is one of the best SMGs in the game. Fans were eagerly awaiting the Smart Pistol to be added to the game but it does not seem to be the case if the latest reports are true. 

Apex Legends Season 9 Latest Leaks: Bangalore and Caustic Bugfixes

Respawn Entertainment updated the VFX for Bangalore’s smoke and Caustic’s noxious gas as part of the March 9 patch which brought the Chaos Theory event. According to the latest reports for Apex Legends Season 9, the changes are being looked at again. 

Both legends should be buffed with the upcoming change that will make it harder for players to see through gas and smoke. With the recent change, players can see silhouettes of Caustic and Bangalore which makes the abilities not as viable as they used to be. 

Respawn revealed “There was a change to the underlying VFX that we made with optimization in mind. The goal was to have it look identical to what was there before, but apparently, that’s not what happened. Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein told fans on Reddit that fixes are coming in Season 9.

Apex Legends Season 9 Latest Leaks: Map Changes

The latest leaks for Season 9 of Apex Legends also suggest that World’s Edge and Olympus will be receiving major changes in the upcoming content update. World’s Edge might not be available in Split 1 of the Ranked Season and it will be available in Split 2 instead. 

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