All Escape From Tarkov Quests For Fence

Abhimannu Das
17/Apr/2021 01:02 am

Escape from Tarkov's quests offer gear and they can be as simple as fetch quests or ask you to raid specific locations.
The NPCs offer specific currencies and there is a limit on how many quests each NPCs will offer you throughout your playtime.
Fence offers just one quest which gives you access to the Kappa container.

Escape from Tarkov’s quests are both dynamically generated and player-given to help players get rewards and find out more about the game’s world. There are currently over 200 quests in Escape From Tarkov. While some of Escape from Tarkov’s quests are simple and can be done in minutes, others can take up a lot of time. Here is a rundown of all of Escape From Tarkov’s quests which allow you to unlock experience points, trader reputation, money, valuable loot, rare containers, and unlock the purchase of new items.

Escape from Tarkov Quests Issued by Fence

Most of Fence’s quests involve raids and you have to be prepared for some actions. These Escape from Tarkov quests offers the secure container Kappa as a reward. 

Collector Quest Steps

Here is the full rundown of Escape From Tarkov’s Quest with Fence. 

Objective (Raid)

  • Find an Old firesteel in raid
  • Handover the Old firesteel

  • Find an Antique axe in raid
  • Handover the Antique axe

  • Find a Battered antique Book in raid
  • Handover the Battered antique Book

  • Find a FireKlean gun lube in raid
  • Handover the FireKlean gun lube

  • Find a Golden rooster in raid
  • Handover the Golden rooster

  • Find a Silver Badge in raid
  • Handover the Silver Badge

  • Find a Deadlyslob's beard oil in raid
  • Handover the Deadlyslob's beard oil

  • Find a Golden 1GPhone in raid
  • Handover the Golden 1GPhone

  • Find a Jar of DevilDog mayo in raid
  • Handover the Jar of DevilDog mayo

  • Find a Can of sprats in raid
  • Handover the Can of sprats

  • Find a Fake mustache in raid
  • Handover the Fake mustache

  • Find a Kotton beanie in raid
  • Handover the Kotton beanie

  • Find a Can of Dr. Lupo's coffee beans in raid
  • Handover the Can of Dr. Lupo's coffee beans

  • Find a Pestily plague mask in raid
  • Handover the Pestily plague mask

  • Find a Raven figurine in raid
  • Handover the Raven figurine

  • Find a Shroud half-mask in raid
  • Handover the Shroud half-mask

  • Find a Veritas guitar pick in raid
  • Handover the Veritas guitar pick

  • Find a 42nd Signature Blend English Tea in raid
  • Handover the 42nd Signature Blend English Tea

Fence's Escape from Tarkov Quest Reward 

  • Secure container Kappa

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