Shroud Talks About How It Doesn't Matter If You Bottom Frag in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
12/Apr/2021 10:23 am

Shroud shared his thoughts on how Valorant players focus too much on in-game statistics and bottom fragging.
He explained that it does not matter if you bottom frag as long as you are not making mistakes.
The streamer feels that it is important to take each match individually and understand what went wrong instead of focusing purely on statistics.

In a recent stream, one of Shroud’s viewers asked him how does it feels when he bottom frags. The streamer responded saying “it does not matter what your score is, it matters what happened.” He revealed that it is important to analyse why you are at the bottom of the scoreboard instead of taking bad statistics to heart. And if players feel that they did their parts and still ended up in the bottom of the scoreboard, it is okay. Shroud talked about how it doesn’t matter if you go 6-20 as long as you did your part for the team. 

Shroud’s Thoughts On “Bottom Fragging” and Learning From Mistakes

Shroud talked about how you can “do good without having a good score” and that it is just how these team games work. He talked about how people can be too obsessed with other players’ scores and who is at the bottom of the leaderboard at the end of the game. He revealed that “you evaluate yourself based on what happened, not what your scoreline is at the very end.” 

He talked about how you can be an entry fragger but fail to secure kills. However, you do end up creating enough space for your team to secure kills and win rounds consistently. That, in Shroud’s eyes is doing well without getting a good score as you did enough to help your team win the match. Valorant is a team-based 5v5 shooter and not a free-for-all deathmatch. 

Opinion: Context is Important When Taking Shroud’s Advice on Bottom Fragging  

It is important to take in all of what he said instead of just the part where Shroud talked about how it doesn’t matter if you bottom frag. Evaluating your performance is not something that is easy and you will need to actively try and find mistakes in your plays. 

You can get trades but not recon for your team or create space, which may leave you with a better score than your teammates but still cause you to lose the game. Context matters a lot like Shroud mentioned in the clip and each match is different. You should try and learn from your mistakes and improve on them instead of worrying too much about your score lines. 

You should also not be the person on your team who trash-talks the bottom-fragger. It is not worth the effort to be toxic over a video game no matter how seriously you take it. If someone is underperforming, try to help them out or encourage them and if the match still does not go your way, move on and focus on improving your own gameplay. 

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