G2 Esports’ Valorant Pro Aleksander ‘Zeek’ Zygmunt Called Out for Toxicity

Abhimannu Das
12/Apr/2021 08:55 am

Salvador ‘Horcus’ Matas Salas of Swedish Valorant team Lankräm called out G2 Esports' Zeek for toxicity.
Horcus claims that being insulted and yelled at has become a common thing in Valorant and shared his experience with G2 Zeek.
The player shared a document showing both Zeek's and his own perspectives during a match and what transpired between them.

G2 Esports’ Aleksander ‘Zeek’ Zygmunt was called out by another pro Valorant player who accused Zeek of being toxic. He shared a document on Reddit and on Twitter talking about how “being insulted and yelled at has become a common thing in Valorant. Salvador ‘Horcus’ Matas Salas of Swedish team Lankräm shared both his and Zeek’s perspective of a conversation during a Valorant match. Zeek responded to the allegations and stated that he did not insult Horcus a single time during the match. The G2 player claims that the clips being shared are purely for content and that Horcus should “stop being so insecure.” 

Horcus’ Claims Against G2’s Aleksander ‘Zeek’ Zygmunt

Horcus published a document where he talks about unsportsmanlike attitude is on the rise in Valorant, and the professionals, clubs and developers should set an example to stop such behaviour. He wants Riot Games to take action against toxicity as it “deteriorates the atmosphere of the game.” He shared some clips from both his and Zeek’s perspectives. 

He stated, “In the first ranked match, I encountered a professional player (G2 Zeek). In addition, another player starts insulting me as soon as he recognizes my voice. G2 Zeek laughs at his insults, and when I talk, he yells ‘SHUT UP.’” 

“I let it be, but as the rounds go by, G2 Zeek begins to insult me and keeps laughing with the other player. Later, in another Ranked game, I matched against G2 paTiTek, G2 Zeek, G2 ardiis on the other team. After the match, they show me these clips where they disrespect me, such as ‘This Spanish person is a piece of shit,’ and ‘worst guy, worst community.’”

G2 Zeek Responds to Allegations

After Horcus called G2 Zeek out for his behaviour, the pro player defended himself on Twitter stating that he had not “said a single insult” towards the streamer throughout the match. He added “Why don’t you show how your chat raided and harassed me after I LAUGH because you start arguing with a guy on round 2? Haven’t said a single insult towards you whole game. Stop being so insecure.” 

After Zeek responded to Horcus, the document was updated with more clips and context being added. He shared two clips and mentioned,“regarding his accusation of sending my community over to his stream to insult him, here is what we have on our side”. The clips show the perspective of both players on stream. G2 Esports is yet to respond to the incident and take any action on its player’s behaviour. 

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