Exclusive: Interview With Global Esports for Doge Cup

Abhimannu Das
3/Apr/2021 11:03 am

Global Esports just announced a Free Fire and Valorant event with 55,000 DogeCoins up for grabs.
The esports organization is offering cryptocurrency instead of cash prizes as part of its vision of promoting modern cryptocurrency.
The Valorant event commences on April 5 while the Free Fire event kicks off on April 3.

Global Esports just announced a tournament around the cryptocurrency – Dogecoin. DogeCoin is a meme-based cryptocurrency that has been promoted by multiple prominent personalities, including Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg. The esports organization shared its thoughts on cryptocurrency, esports, and its plans for Doge Cup in an exclusive interview with AFK Gaming. All proceeds from this event will go directly in funding Global Esports' upcoming community tryouts & its prize pool.

In line with the theme of the tournament, we chose Doge to be the one asking the questions.


Q: Such Tournamen?

DOGE Cup goes live from 3rd to 7th April and will be streamed 2:00 PM onwards on:-

YouTube - 

Twitch - 

Q. Much players?

The invited teams comprise some of the top teams and influencers of the region with their cumulative following crossing 50 Million gamers across the world! 

There will be 12 teams for Free Fire and 8 for Valorant.

The following teams are playing for the Free Fire Tournament:-

  • Total Gaming
  • Sixth Sense
  • Galaxy Racers 
  • Team Elite
  • 4 Unkown
  • Team Chaos
  • TSG Army
  • Team Xmania
  • Sk sabir 
  • Enigma Esports
  • Raven Esports
  • Team Lava (Nepal)

The following teams will be playing for the Valorant Tournament:-

  • Team Mahi
  • Team Thug
  • Team Ghaatak
  • Team Kronten
  • Team Scout
  • Team HydraFlick
  • Team Sid
  • Global Esports

Q. Why watch?

Our goal with the event is to bring some fun back to the high tension competitive stresses of esports tournaments. There’s been so many of them. So this is a fun break of sorts. Why fun? Because that’s the very reason why a lot of us got into gaming!

So everything here is meant for fun, but you still win such SWAG and much DOGE!  

In fact, 10% of the Prize Pool goes to the highest melee/knife/pan kills. 

There are prizes for the Hall of Shame which will feature the most epic fails during the tournament.  Another thing unique about this event is that all proceeds in terms of superchats or otherwise from these events – will be used for funding our upcoming community tryouts so that it is not just an exposure opportunity, but an opportunity that allows you to earn some monies as well.

Q: Why Doge? Much Stonks? 

Esports and cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing ecosystems of this generation, so combining both to create something fun and innovative seemed interesting to us. 

With DOGE Cup, we aim at cross-pollinating the two communities

Crypto is the currency of the future that exists today, but not many people at least here in India know about it. So with more than 1.5 billion curious people on this part of the planet - why not spread the word of the good DOGE.

The prize pool for DOGE Cup is 50,000 Doge Coins valued at INR 3,67,660 or $5,000 USD at peak value (Currently INR 1,97,714 or $2,700 USD). By the time the tournament is over, you never know its value could have gone way ahead.

Q. Such fast? 

We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but we just couldn’t get the slots and permissions to schedule the games. And then we saw a small window before the next set of events so we had to overclock ourselves into action. 

Q. Crypto go brrr?

Crypto is the currency of the future, we don’t see it going bust in India, to be honest. But we do believe in Doge coin to the moon hype. Whether it is legal or not is for the administration to decide, can it go to the moon or not – is for the community to decide. We are just playing our role – literally. 

Q: What I'm play?

Valoren. Free Fier.

Since it’s the inaugural event, we wanted to be fair to both the PC gaming and the mobile gaming community. So we picked 1 title each. We really want to add more titles, even if it were for community favorite non-esports titles. Let’s see how this goes

Q. We liek, more when?

Our bar for success with this is people having fun. If that happens – we definitely will.

Fans can check out the tournament during the following times on Global Esports' YouTube channel and Twitch. The invited teams will include influencers and the top teams in the region who have a combined following of over 50 million gamers globally. 12 teams in Free Fire and 8 teams in Valorant will participate in the Doge Cup event. 

  • Free Fire – April 3-4, 2021 (2:00 PM IST onwards) 
  • Valorant – April 5-7, 2021 (2:00 PM IST onwards)

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