Valorant New Skins: The Top 5 Best Skins Released in March 2021

Abhimannu Das
1/Apr/2021 11:19 am

Riot Games launched two new Valorant skin collections in March 2021 that saw a lot of positive reception.
The Magepunk skins were inspired by steampunk with futuristic elements embedded into them.
The Infantry collection on the other hand is more of a WW2-esque offering with classic designs and they are competitively priced.

Valorant got new skins last month that turned out to be instant hits. We got two new collections that launched in March which includes the Magepunk and Infantry sets. Valorant’s new skins have been very good recently and while the Infantry collection boasts of classic designs of an era gone by, the Magepunk skins announced last month offer a mix of futurism and steampunk. Here are the top 5 best new Valorant skins that you should grab if you are looking to pick up some of the new offerings listed in the Store. The list is completely subjective, and you should prioritize picking up skins for the weapons you love. 

Top 5 Best New Valorant Skins in March 2021

5. Infantry Spectre

Infantry Spectre

Price: 875 VP

The new skin collection’s offerings share a World War 2 theme with classic designs. It is a big change from the usual futuristic weapon designs Valorant is known for. The skins looks like is came straight out of a classic Battlefield or Call of Duty game and is one of the best new Valorant skins that you can pick up. 

4. Magepunk Electroblade Melee

Magepunk Melee

Price: 1775 VP

The electroblade melee is one of the best new Valorant skins from March 2021. It looks like it was inspired by Dishonored and offers the right mix of steampunk with futuristic elements. It is a great skin to show off and is better than most other melee skins out there. 

3. Infantry Operator

Infantry Operator

Price: 875 VP

The iconic long-range weapon features a cloth-wrapped skin, making it look like it came from the World War 2 era. If you want a classy skin that has its own charm while being subtle, the Infantry Operator is a solid pick. 

2. Magepunk Ghost

Magepunk Ghost

Price: 1775 VP

The Magepunk Ghost with the Level 7 upgrade is one of the most aesthetically pleasing new Valorant skins from March 2021’s releases. While the Ghost might not be the best weapon in the game, the skin is very beautiful and a must-have if you love the Magepunk theme. 

1. Infantry Ares

Infantry AresPrice: 875 VP

While the Ares and Odin get a lot of hate from players at times because they are “noob friendly”, there is no denying that the Infantry Ares skin is a sight to behold. Riot Games took a leap of faith with the entire Infantry collection and added skins that are a far cry from what you would expect from most Valorant skin releases. While heavy weapons might not be the best in the meta, the Infantry Ares is a very subtle and elegant skin for fans of the weapon. 

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