TSM Drops Female Valorant Pro Days After Signing Her to Its All-Women Squad

Abhimannu Das
21/Mar/2021 06:31 am

TSM announced that it dismissed its female player LunarKats after signing her to its all-female squad.
LunarKats and other TSM players were competing in the VCT Game Changers event and the team will have to
If the team is unable to find a fifth player in time, TSM will have to pull out of the competition.

TSM has dropped Katherine ‘LunarKats” So just days after the organization announced its all-female squad. There is no official word on why the player was removed from the squad, however, Dexerto has reported that the dismissal was allegedly due to a harassment claim made against the player back in August 2020. LunarKats was one of the five members who joined TSM’s female Valorant roster on March 17th and were looking to compete in the ongoing Valorant Game Changers event. TSM is currently looking for a replacement player and will update fans soon about their future plans with the roster and its participation in VCT Game Changers. 

Who is LunarKats and Why Was She Removed from TSM’s Valorant Roster?

Katherine ‘LunarKats’ So is a professional female Valorant player who joined TSM on March 17th as part of a 5-woman roster. LunarKats is also a streamer on Twitch, where a fellow content creator accused her of harassment. After the player was suspended TSM revealed “Today we’ve agreed to mutually part ways with LunarKats. We’re currently looking for a sub to avoid having to pull out of the VCT Game Changers Series.”

In August 2020, SoaR Haleigh accused LunarKats of harassment and posted screenshots of the former TSM player’s conversations in Twitch chat. At the time, LunarKats dismissed the claims and moved on with her streaming career. Earlier today, the former TSM player was streaming when the team’s announcement went live and she abruptly ended the broadcast after reading TSM’s statement. It appears that the player was unaware of her dismissal prior to the announcement. 

There is no official word from TSM or LunarKats on why she was removed from the roster. She left her stream saying “Guys, I have to go do something real quick. I will be back maybe later, but I have to cut my stream off short.”

Many within the Valorant community talked about how the player’s dismissal could be linked to harassment claims made in August 2020 by Haleigh. LunarKats allegedly accused Haleigh of view botting and “sucking d***” to join SoaR Gaming which Haleigh denied of the time and posted screenshots of LunarKats’ Twitch conversations. 

Who Will Replace LunarKats?

TSM is yet to announce LunarKats' replacement moving forward and the team is already looking for a new player to replace the former player in the VCT Game Changers event. There is the possibility of the team having to pull out of the event if a fifth player is not signed in time. 

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