Shroud Reveals His Agents of Choice If He Went Pro in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
24/Feb/2021 12:37 pm

Shroud shared his thoughts on which agents he would pick if he went pro in Valorant.
He chose Reyna, Jett and Phoenix which are three of the most popular duelists in the game and also included a surprise pick.
The streamer does not have any plans to go pro in Valorant currently but if he did, it would be great news for a lot of his fans.

Shroud quit his professional esports career in 2017 and has been a full-time content creator ever since. But he still plays competitive FPS titles like Valorant, CS:GO, Overwatch and Apex Legends. Valorant has been one of Shroud’s top games to play on stream recently and he talked about how he prefers the game to CS:GO currently. In a stream earlier today, he shared his thoughts on which Valorant Agents he would pick if he went pro in Valorant. Shroud does not have any plans to go pro in Valorant and he brought up his favourite agents to play in pro play as a hypothetical situation. Here is a look at his preferred agents for pro play. 

What Would Shroud Main If He Went Pro in Valorant? 

One of Shroud’s viewers asked the streamer on Twitch chat if the streamer were to go pro, which character would he main. Shroud responded that he would choose a character that is simple so his “brain doesn’t have to work as hard”. While Shroud has played almost every agent in the game, he invests most of his time on Duelists. 

He revealed “Jett, Reyna… Phoenix would be a fun main.” Jett is by far the most popular choice at the highest level of play due to her high mobility and ability to engage or disengage in a split second. All of the agents selected by Shroud focus on individual play and can set up their abilities without requiring a team. 

To everyone’s surprise, he added “Skye is really fun. I wouldn’t mind playing Skye.” Skye is one of the least used agents in the game and does not get picked at all in pro play. She was added to the game as a support character in the Initiator category. She has area-of-effect healing which can be very useful when playing grouped up but the agent gets outclassed by Sage. 

Sage’s Resurrection makes her a much more capable character and the ability to revive teammates can turn around difficult situations for her team. It was an interesting choice by Shroud to choose Skye while most other pro players would choose Duelists or characters like Sova, Brimstone and Cypher. 

Shroud does not have any plans to go pro in Valorant and wants to dedicate his time to streaming currently. However, if the popular streamer did go back to his professional gaming career it would be welcome news for a lot of his fans. 

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