Radianite in Valorant: How to Use to Upgrade Weapon Skins and Unlock Skin Levels

Abhimannu Das
22/Feb/2021 08:30 am

Knowing how to use Radianite points in Valorant is important because you want to spend your RP judiciously for your favourite skins only.
Radianite can be purchased to unlock skin upgrades for select weapons but the currency has steep pricing.
The easiest way to get radianite is from the battle pass which offers 100 RP for approximately $10 making it a great deal if you want skin upgrades.

Understanding how to use Radianite in Valorant can be tricky as the game does not clearly tell you what the purpose of the currency is. Most of your purchases are made through Valorant points, which let you purchase skins. If you are wondering how to use Radianite in Valorant and what its purpose is, the currency is a means of upgrading your skins and unlocking new colour schemes, animations and more. Some of the skins available in the in-game Store have multiple upgrade levels which means you will need to spend Radianite multiple times to completely unlock all possible cosmetic add-ons. Here is a quick look at how to use Radianite in Valorant and where you should be spending the currency.

How to Buy and Use Radianite Points in Valorant

Valorant RadianiteIf you want to acquire Radianite points, you first need to purchase Valorant Points or unlock Radianite via your Battle Pass. You can also get 10 free Radianite via Twitch Prime when it is available as a drop. Here is the pricing for Radianite Points in the store with their approximate prices:

  • 20 Radianite Points = 1,600 Valorant Points ($15 USD).
  • 40 Radianite Points = 2,800 Valorant Points ($25 USD).
  • 80 Radianite Points = 4,800 Valorant Points ($45 USD).

The best source of Radianite continues to be the battle pass. Getting the battle pass will set you back by only 1000 Valorant Points but you get a lot more Radianite points for the price than you would from purchasing the currency directly. The battle pass is worth approximately $10 and you get $60 worth of Radianite from your purchase which is a great deal. You will need to complete all the levels of your battle pass to unlock the currency before you can use it however. 

How to Use Radianite in Valorant to Upgrade Skins

Valorant RadianiteIf you are wondering how to use Radianite in Valorant to upgrade any purchased cosmetics, do note that upgrades are possible only on specific skins. Not all cosmetics are upgradable and you will have to check your collection or use a resource like Vgraphs to get an overview of every unlockable in the game. Once you know what skins you want to upgrade, here is what you need to do: 

  1. Head to your Collection tab in-game 
  2. Choose the weapon you want to upgrade
  3. A table will show up with all possible upgrades
  4. Use your Radianite to unlock the upgrades you want
  5. Exit the menu 

Some upgrades have multiple levels and if you want to upgrade to Level 4, you will need to pay for all the previous levels before getting access to the Level 4 upgrade. 

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