Mizkif Kicks 4Conner Out of the House Due to Transphobic and Anti-Semitic Statements

Abhimannu Das
21/Feb/2021 07:13 am

4Conner's past chat logs surfaced online revealing anti-Semitic and Transphobic statements in the past.
The recent event caused Mizkif to stop being friends with 4Conner and said he is no longer friends with the content creator.
4Conner has issued an apology and it is unknown if he will return to streaming in the future.

Mizkif revealed that he will no longer allow 4Conner on his stream and is no longer friends with the content creator. The announcement was made shortly after Conner’s chat logs from the past were shared online which revealed offensive statements made by Conner. Mizkif shared his perspective on the recent transphobic and anti-Semitic statements by 4Conner and said that he was “extremely upset". 4Conner has apologized for the things he has said in the past but his fans and other streamers on Twitch are not happy with the streamer. A lot of the statements by 4Conner were shared online on Twitter and Reddit yesterday and he was quick to issue an apology to his fans. Here are the full details of everything that happened. 

4Conner Is No Longer Allowed at Mizkif’s House Ever Again

Mizkif shared his thoughts on the recent incident stating “Conner is no longer allowed at my house ever again. There is being edgy, and I know people who have been edgy, including myself. I would never deny my edginess and you can learn from it. But some of these logs are very recent for me, some are a year old. It is not even just a little bit, it’s a lot.”

He revealed that the logs have pages of messages by 4Conner and while some of it is more than a year old, the rest of it is too recent to ignore. He said that his decision to separate Conner from his life is not easy as he was always there when Mizkif needed him. He concluded by saying “It is not easy, but I can’t. It is too much.”

Apology Issued by 4Conner

After Mizkif talked about the issue and said he will no longer be associating himself with 4Conner, the latter issued an apology for his behavior. Connor said in a short livestream that he said a lot of bad things and offended a lot of people within the community. He revealed that he did not read the full post and said he was “sick” of seeing how he behaved in the past. 

He continued his apology saying “It’s not me. It’s not who I am. It is who I was. I was never transphobic, homophobic. It was all in my head and it was all jokes. I never meant any serious harm to anyone. What I said was very bad and at the end of the day, I was being homophobic, I was being transphobic, I was being racist, I was being anti-sematic. It’s hard for me to associate myself with that because I know how I feel and I know I have hurt a lot of people, friends, and family.” 

He said “this is goodbye, I guess” before closing the stream which left fans guessing if he will ever return to the platform. 

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