Valorant’s New Agent Is Being Teased by Riot Games

Abhimannu Das
19/Feb/2021 08:13 am

Valorant's new agent is being teased by Riot Games through the season pass and various clues hidden in-game.
The developers revealed that the new agent will be a Controller, making it the fourth Controller in the game.
Currently there is no release date yet but we can expect Riot Games to offer more information in the coming weeks.

Valorant’s new agent was confirmed to be a Controller by Riot Games, and new teasers and secrets in-game are slowly building up hype within the community. Last Year, Riot Games revealed that it wants to push out content faster, with one of the community's biggest complaints being a slow map and agent additions to the game. It looks like Valorant’s new agent is already being teased by Riot since patch 2.03 dropped earlier this week. There are mysterious star-like objects on Haven that are hinting at the abilities of Valorant’s agent 14. Here is a look at everything we know about the upcoming agent so far. 

Valorant’s New Agent Teased with Mysterious In-Game Objects

Before Yoru’s release, players noticed numerous teasers, including sounds and moving shadows. They were hints indicating Yoru’s abilities, and Riot Games is doing something similar for Valorant’s new agent, who is currently codenamed agent 15. Here are all the teasers discovered so far: 

Player Card Reward: There are gaseous star-like objects pictured in the player card from Tier 38 of the current battle pass. These have to do something with Valorant’s new agent, and they were found in other locations in-game as well. 

Star-Like Objects in Maps: The star-like objects are also seen in Valorant’s Haven map, among other places. There are embers visible at various locations, and players are yet to figure out what they do.

The objects are likely to be a representation of one of the new agent’s abilities. Riot Games used a similar teaser with footsteps and audio queues to showcase Yoru’s abilities in the previous teasers ahead of agent 14’s launch. 

Valorant’s New Agent is A Controller

Riot Games confirmed recently that the upcoming agent is a Controller. Brimstone and Omen are the only two viable Controllers right now, and the addition of a new controller will help shake things up. Viper is due for a buff as well, and the developers are trying to find the right balance for her kit. 

Controllers are agents that are capable of locking down areas and dictating the pace of a fight. Riot has stated that the new agent will appeal to players who want to make “galaxy brain” plays and outsmart their opponents. More teasers are likely to show up in the coming weeks leading up to the agent's release. Riot Games usually showcases the new agents a few days before launch, so stay tuned to find out all about Valorant’s next agent. 

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