Reyna Mains Are Upset With Nerfs to Her Kit in Valorant Patch 2.03

Abhimannu Das
18/Feb/2021 07:51 am

Valorant's best pub stomping agent Reyna got hit with the nerf hammer with patch 2.03 and fans are not happy with the rework to her kit.
She now has two less charges for Devour and Dismiss and the cost of her core abilities have also been increased to 200 each.
She also got a buff that makes it easier for her to get Soul Orbs which can be generated from ally kills.

While most fans are happy with Valorant’s patch 2.03 patch notes thanks to the well-received Escalation mode, Reyna mains are upset with how Riot Games has rebalanced their favorite character. The agent's kit got reworked in the latest patch, which dropped yesterday, and it made "Reyna" trend on Twitter. The agent has always been a pub-stomper character while not being as good in competitive play. The developers wanted to tone down her power level by taking away two charges that let her activate Devour and Dismiss. This makes her much less flexible in clutch situations, and fans think that Reyna is no longer viable in Valorant’s Patch 2.03. 

Why Was Reyna Nerfed in Valorant’s Patch 2.03

One of Reyna’s biggest weaknesses was that she required a kill to use her core abilities. Players who failed to secure a kill on at least one out of five opponents in a round would get no value out of her kit. But if they did get a kill, Reyna was one of the best agents to clutch rounds, making her playstyle very hit or miss. A lot of players feel that she is no longer viable. 

Reyna’s design was meant to reward a more aggressive playstyle, and by having four charges of Devour or Dismiss, a good player capable of winning 1v1s consistently would get the most out of her kit. She would be able to consistently secure multiple kills as long as she got an initial kill. While the nerfs do not affect her ability to secure the first kill in a round, having two fewer charges means that she will not be as impactful in situations that require her to clutch rounds. 

In addition to her kit now having reduced charges, the cost of Devour and Dismiss has been increased to 200 each. Paired with other recent nerfs to the Stinger and Frenzy, which had their costs increased in Valorant’s patch 2.03, Reyna’s kit is definitely lackluster compared to her previous iterations. 

Some Players See the Reyna Rework as An Overall Buff

Team Liquid’s coach Sliggy talked about how Valorant’s Patch 2.03 nerfed Reyna’s pub stomping potential, but it is a buff to her overall kit. Reyna players can get Soul Orbs from enemy players they damaged within 3 seconds with the latest patch. Reyna does not have to land the killing blow, making her much more engaging to play close to her teammates. 

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