NT Meaning in Valorant: 30 Essential Gaming Terms That You Should Know About

Abhimannu Das
10/Feb/2021 08:36 am

A lot of players do not know the meaning of NT in Valorant especially if they are new to multiplayer games.
NT means nice try, and it is used by players to cheer teammates up when they fail at something in-game despite trying their best.
Let's take a look at some of the most commonly used terms in Valorant and other games that you may not know about.

The meaning of NT in Valorant is known by most veterans but that is not the case for new players. We created a handy compilation of terms that you can refer to if you run into callouts or acronyms in Valorant’s in-game chat. The meaning of NT in Valorant is “nice try” and it is not restricted to the Riot Games title alone. The term is used in all popular games and it can be replaced with GT or “good try” as well. Now that you know the meaning of NT in Valorant let’s check out some of the other most commonly used terms in the game that might find useful to communicate with your team.  

Valorant Abbrevations and Terminology

  1. Ace: An “ace” is awarded when a single player takes out all five enemy players. 
  2. Team Ace: When everyone on your team gets one kill each and has 0 deaths in a round. 
  3. Flawless: When your team takes out the enemy team without suffering casualties. 
  4. Line Up: A positioning set up with abilities to guarantee that your ability lands in a certain way.
  5. Eco Round: A call to save currency during the buy phase. 
  6. Bomb/Spike: A call to plant the spike. 
  7. TP: Teleport 
  8. Wallhack: A call to alert teammates of wallhack abilities like Sova’s recon. 
  9. Stack: A call to group up in a single location. 
  10. Stick: A call to play the objective instead of chasing kills. 
  11. Spawn: Refers to your team’s starting area. 
  12. Roomba: A term of Raze’s Boombot ability. 
  13. Rez: A call for Sage players to use their Ressurection ability. 
  14. Molly: The term is used to refer to any ability with a lingering area of effect like Phoenix’s E and Brimstone’s Q. 
  15. Drop: Teammates usually ask for weapons during the buy phase using this term. 

General Gaming Terminology Used in Valorant and Other Games

  1. NT: The meaning of NT in Valorant and other games is “nice try”.
  2. GT: Good Try.
  3. ADS: Aim down sights.
  4. Bunnyhop: A movement technique that involves alternating jumps and air strafes for fast traversal. 
  5. Camp: Hold an area defensively. 
  6. Cubby: Deep corners that players can camp in. 
  7. Dink: Headshot. 
  8. Flick: To move your crosshair quickly and shoot. 
  9. Flank: To sneak behind a player and catch them off guard. 
  10. Frag: Kill.
  11. Top Frag: To have the most kills in a match. 
  12. Bottom Frag: To have the lowest kills in a match. 
  13. Jiggle peek: To quickly move in and out of cover to gain information. 
  14. Lit/One Shot: Indicates that a target is low on health. 
  15. GG: Good Game.

We hope you now know the meaning of NT in Valorant and other commonly used terms. These terms can be very useful for quickly communicating with your team without using voice chat. 

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