Valorant Oni Skin: Will Riot Reboot the Iconic Skins With an Oni 2.0 Bundle?

Abhimannu Das
4/Feb/2021 08:22 am

Valorant just rebooted their Glitchpop skin lineup and they might do the same for Oni skins later this year.
Valorant Oni Skin 2.0 bundles should bring four new skins and other cosmetics to the game.
Rebooted bundles are not free for players who already have the older bundles purchased on their accounts.

Valorant Oni Skin variants for the Bucky, Shorty, Guardian, and Phantom have been in the game for some time now, and they have a unique aesthetic that was widely appreciated at launch. The Valorant Oni skin for melee is one of the most popular to date despite Riot launching dozens of skins, but the bundle doesn’t quite have cosmetic options for popular guns like the Vandal. Fans would love to get a Valorant Oni skin for other guns, and it looks like it just might be a reality soon. Riot recently rebooted the Glitchpop bundle with new skins, and they may be doing more reboots for other bundles that have come out in 2020. 

Valorant Oni Skin Options Might Be Available with Oni 2.0 

Valorant Oni SkinThe Valorant Oni Skin bundle currently available.
Image Credit: Riot Games

Similar to Glitchpop 2.0 that Valorant just released in the most recent patch, we can get an Oni reboot in 2021, if not later. One of the things that fans have been upset about when it comes to cosmetics in Valorant is how Riot releases skins for just four weapons and if you like a certain aesthetic, there is a chance that you don’t even have an option to purchase it. The Elderflame skin collection is notorious for this, and despite being one of the most iconic bundles ever released, we only got four skins, excluding the melee. 

When Will The Valorant Oni Skin 2.0 Bundle Release? 

Riot just released their Glitchpop 2.0 set on February 02, and the original Glitchpop skins came out in August 2020. It looks like Riot waits at least six months before releasing more skins into existing collections. The popularity of these bundles is also likely to affect bundles' re-releases for more weapons, and we will have to wait and see if the original Oni skins sold enough for Riot to release newer variants for other weapons in the game. 

Will The New Oni Skins Be Free if I Own The Old Valorant Oni Skin Bundle? 

The newer skins have to be purchased separately. Even if you won the original Valorant Oni skin bundle, you can either the full Oni 2.0 set or purchase the skins separately for your favorite weapons. Getting the skins separately is much more expensive than getting the full bundle but if you want skins only for one or two weapons, consider opting out of the bundle and getting the individual skins instead. 

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