Valorant Getting Major Ranked Changes Next Week

Abhimannu Das
27/Jan/2021 12:27 pm

Riot Games may finally address the issues with Valorant's ranked mode in an upcoming update next week.
Riot's EvrMoar responded to Rod "Slasher" Breslau talking about potential changes next week.
He did not specify what the changes are and said it will include tweaks and Riot will reveal bigger plans for upcoming Acts.

Valorant received changes to its ranked system with its Episode 2 patch earlier this month and fans have been less than happy with the game’s current state. Content creators like C9 TenZ and pro players like 100T Hiko have been vocal about the current state of ranked along with many other players on social media and the official forums. It looks like Riot is finally set to make some changes to improve its new ranking system. 

Riot EvrMoar Confirms Ranked Changes Coming Next Week

Rod “Slasher” Breslau talked about his matchmaking experience on Twitter yesterday and he shared how he gets into matches with people who do not communicate or pick duelists and feed. The content creator and streamer Blaustoise responded to the tweet and said he is likely to get his “true rank” on a solo account. He wanted to try making a new account and play 30 solo ranked games and the highest rank he would achieve would be his true rank. Riot’s EvrMoar took notice of the tweet and responded that some changes are coming to Valorant next week. 

EvrMoar responded stating “I'd put this off until next week's patch, we have some ranked tweaks incoming. Unless you can finish all 30 games before the changes, it may effect the results if you guys are at different # of games when the patch hits.”

It caught everyone’s attention and people started asking what changes are coming to ranked to which EvrMoar responded “Stuff and things, we have some tweaks based on some feedback. Hopefully, we can also talk about some bigger changes that are planned for future Acts for ranking.” It looks like Riot is finally responding to all the complaints about ranked within the community since Episode 2’s release.

One of the biggest issues with the latest patch was the game using the actual MMR that is never revealed by Riot to matchmake you. Players who are from much higher ranks were unable to find games at the start of the season while lower-ranked players queued into matches very quickly and found themselves at artificially inflated ranks due to the lack of competition at the highest levels. Cloud9’s TenZ was unable to find a single match in 24 hours at the start of the season and 100 Thieves’ Hiko called the current ranking system “trash” in its current state. All we can do is wait until next week to see what the new changes are to the ranked system.

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