Gamer Dad Goes Viral for His Overwatch Gameplay

Abhimannu Das
26/Jan/2021 08:40 am

An Overwatch fan shared a clip of his father playing Deathmatch as Lucio with some entertaining gameplay.
The gamer dad allegedly has ruined three chairs due to his exaggerated movements and has left the desk in poor shape.
Everyone had wholesome reactions to the clip and it also got the attention of Lucio VA Johnny Cruz.

An enthusiastic gamer dad went viral recently for his exaggerated movement in real life when playing Overwatch, which his son equates to a “real workout”.  The young at heart gamer's gameplay got so much attention that Lucio’s VA chimed in and said he is honored that the gamer dad plays the character he voice acts. 

The Gamer Dad Has Destroyed  Three Chairs With His Intense Movement 

In the gameplay shared by his son, the player slides all over the map, trying to dodge enemy fire. For those who are new to Overwatch, Lucio is capable of wall riding and has a speed boost aura that makes him one of the most mobile characters since release. You will notice our overly enthusiastic gamer dad make real-life movements as if he became an extension of Lucio, which everyone loved. His son said, “He jerks around, dodging and peeking around corners. He lifts his mouse a lot. He loses his breath.”

The tweet went viral on social media in hours, and everyone had heartwarming responses to share. Players from all over the world chimed in on the fun, and Lucio’s voice actor Johnny Cruz noticed it and showed support for the fellow gamer. 

All the huffing and puffing did reap its rewards, with the player securing a proud “top-four finish”. His son claims that all of this hard work and exaggerated movement come at a cost, with three chairs being destroyed by his dad and the carpet beneath him being completely damaged. He also managed to damage the desk and put some scratches on it. Gaming is open to players of all ages, and you don’t need to be young to enjoy it. 

Overwatch exploded since its release in 2016, but things slowed down since the announcement of Overwatch 2. We have had no new hero releases since the release of Echo, and all of the focus is now on Overwatch 2. The game was rumored to release in 2020, but it looks like the global pandemic may have played in delaying the upcoming title. We can expect more news to show up surrounding its release at BlizzcOnline. 

BlizzcOnline is set to air on February 19 and 20, which will be the first time Blizzcon has gone completely online. We did not have a physical event for Blizzcon 2020, and we are just weeks away from knowing more about the future of Overwatch and the release of Overwatch 2. 

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