You Can Kill Yourself Using Yoru’s Teleport Ability in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
19/Jan/2021 10:59 am

Valorant's Yoru has numerous bugs that are plaguing the game and making him not fun to use.
His teleport ability can deal fall damage which is unintended and was discovered a few days ago.
Players also discovered that timing your teleport right can instantly kill you by knocking you below the map.

 The number of issues in Valorant’s latest patch continues to increase with Yoru’s teleport ability getting a lot of attention lately. The new Agent is popular in ranked and unrated play, but there are game-breaking issues that may make you reconsider picking him. A bug with his teleport ability can cause self-damage and it was discovered a couple of days ago. However, a newer bug that was discovered yesterday reveals that if you time your teleport right, you can instantly kill yourself. 

What Is The New Yoru Teleport Bug?

The new agent’s teleport ability is designed to let you penetrate enemy defences and sneak in behind your enemies. But it turns out that if you use the Gatecrash ability at the wrong time, you take self-damage. And more importantly, if you cast teleport right as it expires, you instantly die. 

An iteration of the same bug was discovered two days ago, with players finding out that the game has weird interactions with his teleport and fall damage. But with the more recent bug, you can outright kill yourself. Riot is yet to release a hotfix for all the major bugs that came along with patch 2.0, and the developers should address the issue soon if they want their latest agent to see consistent play at the highest level. 

With more abilities being added to the game, there are unintended interactions and players are able to get inside physical objects, or break how different interactions work. The game forces you out of the map if you try to teleport as soon as the animation is ending as shown in the video. 

In addition to all the bugs, players are also unhappy with the current state of ranked/competitive. There are ex-Radiant players who are unable to queue into matches because of the new ranking system taking up too much time to find games. Lower ranked players are able to take advantage of the issue and are getting into matches with ex-Radianites from previous season, which ruins the experience for everyone. 

Some of the other bugs that players are complaining about include Cypher’s camera being able to destroy Sage walls instantly, friend lists not working as intended, display resolution issues and more. Some players are also unable to use voice chat in ranked matches while it works as intended in unrated games. Some Riot Games developers and designers hosted an AMA recently to collect feedback and will be working on fixes soon. 

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