Valorant’s Ranked Mode Mysteriously Disappeared

Abhimannu Das
19/Jan/2021 07:23 am

Valorant's Ranked mode mysteriously disappeared for an hour leaving players from multiple servers confused.
Affected servers include Latin America, North America and Asia and potentially other servers as well.
It is currently unknown why Riot disabled ranked mode for these regions.

Players across North American, Latin American and Asian servers were unable to queue ranked matches in Valorant because the mode has seemingly disappeared. There is no official word on why competitive was disabled with Valorant and Riot Games’ social media accounts silent on the issue. It is possible that a patch or hotfix is coming in to address the numerous issues that the game’s latest patch is facing. 

Why Was Ranked Disabled?

Riot Games is yet to acknowledge the issue and we will have to wait and see if a hotfix for recent issues is on the way. One of the biggest issues plaguing the game right now is the increased queue times for ex-Radiant players. Some higher-ranked players are spending over an hour trying to get into a game while lower-ranked players are able to queue up and climb ranks much faster, which has completely broken the game’s matchmaking system. 

Current Issues with Valorant’s Ranked System

Competitive/Ranked Mode is not only problematic for players at high MMR, but also lower ranked players who want a fair gameplay experience. With ex-Radiant players unable to find matches, they are constantly matched with players of lower skill level. 

There are numerous bugs present in the game as well including one that can get Yoru players killed when using the new teleport ability. One of Omen’s abilities got stealth-nerfed and it is unknown if the change to his teleport ability’s hitbox is intentional or not. A hotfix may be deployed in the coming days to deal with the biggest issues of this patch. 

A Riot developer responded to the criticisms of its new ranking system saying “We are currently talking about how to fix this, and looking into your que to figure out solutions. Unfortunately, it may not be as fast of a fix as we'd like, but know that we are looking into it. I personally feel bad that one of our best players can't engage with the new system.”

A part of the online forums if of the opinion that we should give Riot Games more time and let the new matchmaking system settle in to see if there needs to be any changes. Professional players do not want ranked to be easier on the virtue of higher-ranked players being unable to queue while allowing Platinum and Diamond-tier players to go up the ranks. 

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