Footage of the Upcoming Pokemon Unite MOBA has Been Leaked

Abhimannu Das
18/Jan/2021 11:20 am

Pokemon Unite is set include a ton of new Pokemon than what the developers originally showed us.
Gameplay footage and screenshots were leaked last weekend and it shows off a ton of new content.
The game will also feature cosmetics for Pokemon and trainers and an XP progression system to unlock new characters.

Pokemon Unite is gearing up to be one of the biggest new entrants into the world of MOBAs. A whole set of images and videos were leaked during the weekend, and we finally have some insights on what the gameplay will look like. The gameplay is reportedly from the second beta test that developers TiMi Studios are offering in China. Players from other regions are not part of the current beta testing processing and there is no word on when an open beta will be available. 

What To Expect From Pokemon Unite

The gameplay video shows off the gameplay mechanics and how players interact with each other. There are 14 minutes of footage that you can check out, and it seems like there is plenty of focus on cosmetics for both the Pokemon and trainers. Each player has their own customizable avatar during the loading screen of a match. 

A ton of popular Pokemon is being added to the roster including Gardevoir, Machamp, and Charizard. It is currently unknown how many Pokémon will be available within the MOBA, and it looks like evolutions play a crucial role in the game. But it remains to be seen how the developers handle adding characters that do not have any form of evolution like Rayquaza or Celebi. 

You start with the first-stage Pokemon, and you get resources to evolve them during the match. For example, you will not be able to start off with a Gardevoir. You will need to start off with Ralts and make your way through the evolutions to get Gardevoir. The new gameplay shows off a number of Pokemon that were not announced by the developers in the past including Drednaw, Vespiquen, and Audino. 

The footage shows off how powerful evolutions can be and just like MOBAs you have to take out enemy towers. In Pokemon Unite’s case, you have to take out the enemy base. The post-game screen shows off the scores for each team along with the Pokemon and their associated trainers.

There is an XP system in place to help players unlock Pokemon and the UI looks very user-friendly with a Professor character showing up to explain in-game mechanics to the player. All of the footage and screenshots are based on leaks and the content has not officially been shown off by TiMi Studios yet. There is currently no word on when the game will release globally yet, but we can expect more news once the closed beta in China comes to a close. 

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