Filipino FPS Project Xandata Might Be the Next Big Esport

Abhimannu Das
17/Jan/2021 12:02 pm

Project Xandata is an upcoming game that wants to be the next big FPS esport in the industry.
Secret 6 is working on their own game and have worked on projects like Cyberpunk 2077.
The team is yet to confirm a release date but they constantly update the community with development updates.

Secret 6 is a development team based in the Philippines that has worked on projects like The Last of Us and Cyberpunk 2077. But the team is working on their own independent project that might become the next big esport title in the Philippines. The team not only wants to create their own game but they also want it to be a great competitive esport for the fans. 

What Is Project Xandata?

The Philippines is home to diehard esports fans and lead programmer Gene Gacho shared more details on the new project, in an interview to ONE Esports, saying “2016 really felt like esports in the Philippines was on the rise after TNC won the Dota 2 Kiev Major. We felt that streaming and competitive gaming in the Philippines was going to be on the rise and we wanted to make games in that space aside from just playing them.”

Note: TNC Predator did not win the Kiev Major. However, they did win WESG 2016.

The game is a 3v3 competitive shooter where you get to play as xandats, characters who have access to futuristic suits. There are three classes to choose from – Marksmen, Agents, and Juggernauts. The game looks like a fresh departure from the crowded 6v6 and 5v5 games we are flooded with. The game not only offers different classes but also an impressive arsenal of weapons. There will be multiple game modes and customization options. 

The game also wants to add a dash of MOBA mechanics into the game with its game mode Corruption. Players will be able to collect shards, destroy enemy towers, and more. The devs are designing the game to be as fast and fluid as possible and they want to give players freedom in how they want to maneuver their character. 

Gene Gacho revealed “Classes feel different not just in skill choices but also how much armor they can stack and the way they move. Aside from the usual sprinting and sliding in contemporary shooters, you will find players hovering, skating, and teleporting as well. The weapon pool was reduced and no longer subjected players to random drops, but having their stats and abilities customizable provided more meaningful choices in playstyle.”

The game wants to offer the right mix of team-based objectives, gunplay, abilities, and fluid movement. The game has no release date yet but we can expect more updates from the developer soon throughout the year. You can follow the project at to get regular updates.

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