Cloud9’s Keeoh Wants Valorant’s Devs To “Delete” The Ranked Leaderboard

Abhimannu Das
17/Jan/2021 06:44 am

Valorant players are upset with how the ranked changes have been implemented in the patch 2.0.
Players from platinum and diamond lobbies are ending up with ex-Radianite players, ruining the competitive experience.
Cloud9's Keeoh wants the devs to delete the last four days of ranked progress for everyone.

Valorant had some big changes to how the ranked system works in the latest 2.0 update, but it has left many players dissatisfied with how the ranked changes were handled. We had Cloud9’s TenZ stuck in limbo without finding a single match on his main account for 24 hours because of how matchmaking works. Riot has collected data from the community in a recent Reddit AMA, but we have more feedback coming in from Cloud9’s Keeoh earlier today.

What Changes Does Keeoh Want to See?

Cloud9’s Keeoh revealed that the game’s ranked mode to receive immediate attention. The first change he wants to see in ranked is for the devs to keep the Radiant and Immortal system and hard reset the players’ MMR. It will help the matchmaker prevent the game from being unable to find a game because they are too high MMR. Resets have been a controversial topic in many games, but it does help weed out boosters and cheaters from lobbies as actually good players can easily climb back to their real ranks while boosted players do not. 

The second change he wants to see is a lock on the top 500 and Radiant players so people can’t abuse matchmaking. The world's #1 player TenZ was stuck in the queue while other players were easily able to find matches and reach Radiant because higher ranked players could not find matches in time. Keeoh also wants players not to hit a placement rank higher than Diamond 3 regardless of their previous rank.

Problems With The Leaderboard and Ranked System

One of the biggest issues with the new update, as discussed earlier, is that good players are spending too long in the queue. Keeoh wants the last four days of the new update to be deleted as the system is completely broken. Players are spending upwards of 2 hours in the queue, and they should not be penalized just because their MMR is high. He said, “High diamond/low immortal players can currently be IN RADIANT and still not queue against Radiants from the previous act.”

The skill disparity is at an all-time high with players getting ex-Radiants who are climbing ranked in one match while the next game they might get Diamond or Plat players who do not have the same amount of skill or experience. Players like TSM’s Wardell and Subroza get players who do not belong in the same lobbies, which ruins everyone’s experience. 

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