T1 Valorant Coach “fRoD” Leaves Roster Citing “Difference of Ethics and Opinions”

Abhimannu Das
15/Jan/2021 10:55 am

T1's coach fRoD has left the Valorant team citing difference in opinions on how to manage a team.
The team is yet to reveal a statement on why they had to let go of fRoD.
T1 had a lacklustre 2020 with no major tournament wins under their belt.

T1 is one of the most renowned organizations in North America, but they have failed to leave a mark in the Valorant scene thus far. The North American Valorant roster has been struggling against other teams like TSM, 100 Thieves, and Sentinels. The team’s management has decided to part ways with coach Daniel “fRoD” Montaner, making things even worse for the organization. The announcement was of his departure was made by fRoD himself stating that he is no longer part of the T1 Valorant roster and is currently looking for a new team to join as a coach in Valorant. 

T1's Disappointing Start in Valorant

T1 was one of the first organizations to invest in Valorant’s esports, but they have struggled to find their footing as a top team in the North American scene. They have invested heavily into the roster, but fRoD’s departure is concerning for fans of the organization. He stated he is no longer with T1 due to a Difference in ethics and opinions on how to run the team/org. 

Last year in October, former Overwatch League player Ha "Spyder" Jung-woo (also known as Sayaplayer) joined the squad, which improved their performance as a team. Still, it did not amount to much at important events like First Strike NA. T1xNerd Street Gamers was the only event they came close to winning.

A new coach will be joining T1’s Valorant team's ranks soon, and the team will be looking to turn things around this year. Valorant Champions Tour is around the corner, with the qualifiers kicking off later this month, but T1 will need a massive overhaul in terms of their gameplay if they want to compete with the likes of TSM, Sentinels, and First Strike Champions 100 Thieves. The roster will have to go up against the best teams of NA and global powerhouses like Absolute JUPITER and G2 Esports, who will also be part of Riot’s global event. 

T1 is yet to comment on why fRoD left the roster, and they have not shared their side of the story yet. It is evident that they could not work together, with the former coach citing a difference of ethics and opinions as his reason for leaving the team. 

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