Riot Secretly Nerfed Omen to The Ground In Valorant’s Patch 2.0

Abhimannu Das
15/Jan/2021 11:25 am

Riot Games has secretly added a nerf to Omen that affects his teleport ability.
The nerf was not listed in the patch notes and it has left Omen players frustrated.
It is unknown if the change was intentional or if it is a bug with Riot yet to address the issue.

Riot had announced a number of nerfs for one of the game’s most iconic characters, Omen. The changes were announced to tone down his power but there seem to be more nerfs than what Riot had previously announced which has left Omen players upset. It is currently unknown if the additional nerfs are intentional or not. Riot is yet to comment on the issue but players who play Omen should be aware of his current toned-down self which is potentially much worse than the game’s latest agent, Yoru.

What Did Riot Do To Omen?

It seems like Omen’s teleport ability Shrouded Step has been nerfed significantly in the latest patch. You can no longer use cover and cast the ability effectively. You need to have an unblocked path to be able to cast Shrouded Step, which is his signature teleport ability. While it might look like a minor change, you leave yourself exposed. You need exactly as much space as the on-screen visual indicator of the ability. 

For those who are confused about how the ability worked prior to the rework, players were able to initiate their teleport ability as long as you had enough space to accommodate the inner blue circle that shows up. The new hitbox of the ability makes it much more difficult to use the ability from cover and you will have to be more careful to use the ability without being detected.

Riot did not mention this change in the patch notes and it is unknown if the abovementioned change is a bug or a nerf that got left out in the patch notes. The change rolled out with the Formation update which also saw Brimstone get a number of substantial buffs to his kit. 

Some of the other changes that Omen was hit with includes a slower movement speed when using his Dark Cover ability and an increase to the cost of Paranoia from $200 to $400. Brimstone got substantial buffs which makes him much more appealing to play at the moment than Omen and the game’s latest agent Yoru is potentially a much better agent to pick if you want to mess around with teleportation. 

We have to wait and see if Riot acknowledges the issue or reveals that the change to Omen was a nerf. So far Riot has not responded to the community’s confusion over the change that they omitted out of the patch notes. With the change being so specific to Omen’s ability hitbox, most players are predicting that the change is intentional. 

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