SEA Fire Championship 2020: X10 Esports Are Your Champions

Abhimannu Das
15/Jan/2021 05:17 am

X10 Esports have won the finals of the SEA Fire Championship 2020 against Bren Esports.
Bren Esports had a one map advantage but they failed to capitalize on it against X10 who put on a dominant performance.
Bren Esports has been declared the runners up while Team SHiFT takes third place.

X10 Esports pulled off an unbelievable victory against Bren Esports after starting off the grand finals with a one map disadvantage. Bren Esports were tournament favourites and eased their way into the finals with a dominant performance throughout the championship but X10 Esports beat them against all odds. 

X10 Esports vs Bren Esports (3-2)

Bren Esports received a one map advantage because they made it to the finals from the upper bracket. X10 on the other hand were knocked out from the upper bracket and had to make their way through the likes of Team SMG, ahq and Team SHiFT to make it to the grand finals. They won in three out of four maps that they played Bren in. 

The finals kicked off with a 0-1 default scoreline going into Bren’s favour. X10 picked up a 13-5 win at Icebox to kick things off and evened out the score to 1-1. Bren Esports pulled back at Haven  with a 13-7 victory but X10 secured the next two matches in Ascent and Bind securing the championship X10 Esports will be taking home the first place crown while Bren Esports have been declared the runners-up team. This is not the last time both teams will be facing off against each other with Riot Games announcing the Valorant Champions Tour that will see the best teams across all regions face-off throughout the year. 

SEA Fire Championship 2020 Overview

The SEA Fire Championship 2020 is a tournament hosted by eFire League in partnership with Zack Solutions as the main sponsor. The tournament consisted of a group stage in December 2020 and the playoff season was held in January 2021. Bren Esports faced off against X10 Esports at the grand finals tonight. The SEA Fire Championship 2020 Grand Finals had a prize pool of $5,500. X10's victory today marks one of the biggest comebacks in Valorant's  esports scene. 

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