Top Valorant Clips Of This Week from Southeast Asian Streamers

Abhimannu Das
14/Jan/2021 10:07 am

We take a look at some of the best clips on Twitch and Facebook Gaming this week from APAC Valorant streamers.
JessieVash revealed some of his secret Sova lineups to his fans that you can try out in ranked.
Rb from Vision Strikers took no hostages with four enemies knocked out in a mere 10 seconds.

We take a look at some of the biggest highlights of this week from Valorant players in South-East Asia. We’ve included tips and tricks you can learn from and flashy plays that showcase the skills of these talented individuals. 

Rb Wipes Out Four Enemy Players in Ten Seconds

Rb (rb0f on Twitch) from Vision Strikers infiltrated the enemy backline and took our four enemy players in a matter of seconds as Jett in one of the most impressive clips we’ve seen. The First Strike Champion is among the best players in the world with his team Vision Strikers currently on a 44-0 winstreak in competitive play. 

JessieVash Shows Off His Secret Sova Lineups

JessieVash is one of the best players in SEA with his team scheduled to play the SEA Fire Championship finals today. He won First Strike Philippines with Bren Esports last year and will be looking to continue with the winning ways in 2021. In these two clips, he showcases some very nasty lineups as Sova that he uses in Valorant. He shows two separate spots in a custom game that lets you shoot your arrows right into the enemy chokepoints. 

BOOMBURAPA Tries Out the New Brimstone Smoke

BOOMBURAPA is one of best players in Thailand and is currently a part of MiTH.Attitude. In this clip, he shows off how you can effectively zone out enemies using the new buffed smoke Brimstone has access to. Prior to Patch 2.0 you would not be able to smoke enemies before the start of a round. BOOMBURAPA shows off how you can wait until the very end of the round start phase and predict where enemies will be before using your cooldowns. 

Stax From Vision Strikers Shows Off Funny Yoru Glitch

Stax is a Valorant pro from Vision Strikers who won First Strike Korea. Vision Strikers is among the top three Asian teams right now alongside REJECT and Absolute JUPITER. In this funny clip, one of Stax’s teammates shows him a funny animation you can pull off using Valorant’s latest agent Yoru. 

Jinny Clutches A 1v3 To Secure The Round

Jinny is currently the team captain of Foxy Araikordai and was formerly a part of Attack All Around. Her team is currently ranked #14 in the Asian region on In this clip, she clutches a 1v3 as Omen to secure the round. 

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