You Can Break Sage’s Wall Instantly with Cypher’s Camera in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
13/Jan/2021 08:21 am

Patch 2.0 has brought with itself a ton of bugs in Valorant that are making players frustrated.
Sage's wall can be broken with Cypher's camera which is an unintended interaction.
Previously, it was possible to break Sage walls only with Raze's satchel which was an intended interaction.

A new bug in Valorant allows you to break Sage’s wall instantly when using Cypher’s camera. If you place the camera right behind the wall, you can break through the barrier as soon as the cast animation ends. Needless to say, this is an unintended interaction and just one of many glitches that were discovered recently. There is currently no word on when Riot will be addressing this issue. We had to wait several days for the developers to fix recent Omen exploits that were game-breaking. 

How Does the New Bug Work?

To replicate the bug, you need to face a Sage wall and place your camera directly against an actual wall through the Sage wall. Your camera gets placed on the real wall while breaking through Sage’s ability and instantly removing it. It works on both allied and enemy walls, and players can abuse the bug or troll their Sage teammates using it. 

Cypher’s camera is not the only thing that is capable of breaking through Sage’s wall. You can make use of Raze’s satchel charges and achieve the same effect. However, the interaction with Raze is intended, while it is not the case with Cypher. With little to no effort required to take out enemy defenses using the exploit, Riot should be addressing the issue as soon as possible. 

With patch 2.0 going live today, multiple Omen bugs have been fixed, but players are already reporting other glitches and bugs hurting their experience. The Cypher bug still works in the latest patch, and the post that highlighted the issue on Reddit has comments claiming it has been around for weeks. With most Omen’s glitches taking all the attention, the developers seem to have missed this bug in the new update.

We can expect a hotfix soon in the coming days to address bugs that were introduced with patch 2.0. A common issue that is yet to be addressed is players do not receive credit refunds when selling back items their teammates buy for them. The server tickrates are allegedly unstable right now, with multiple players complaining about the game feeling unresponsive on servers. Another ongoing exploit involves boosting XP by killing themselves in Spike Rush to activate Yoru on their accounts. The player base wants XP not to be rewarded for players who engage in exploiting new characters. 

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