SEA Fire Championship 2020: ahq and X10 In Contention for Lower Bracket Finals

Abhimannu Das
12/Jan/2021 08:34 am

The SEA Fire Championship continues with Round 2 of the lower bracket concluding today.
Ahq-Esports Club and X10 Esports are still in contention to head into the grand finals.
Both teams will be facing off against each other tonight at the lower bracket semi-finals.

The SEA Fire Championship is back with the final eight Valorant teams competing for the finals. The upper bracket finals spots are sealed with Bren Esports and Team SHiFT competing tomorrow. Ahq-Esports and X10 will be competing against each other tonight and head to the lower bracket finals tomorrow. 

Ahq-Esports Club vs TUBEPLE (2-0)

Ahq-Esports Club took on TUBEPLE and won 2-0 with a 13-11 victory at Haven and another 13-11 victory at Split. 

X10 Esports vs Team SMG (2-0)

X10 Esports will be facing off against Ahq thanks to a 2-0 victory against Team SMG. They won 13-7 both times on Icebox and Haven.

Four teams are still in contention for the finals spot and the winner of the lower bracket will face off against the lower of the upper bracket finals. The lower bracket semi-finals are scheduled for tonight and we will see ahq, TUBEPLE, SMG and X10 compete with each other. 

SEA Fire Championship 2020 Overview

The SEA Fire Championship 2020 is a tournament hosted by eFire League in partnership with Zack Solutions as the main sponsor. The playoffs stage is ongoing and will last until January 14th, which is when the top two teams will compete against each other. The playoffs are taking place between the upper bracket and lower bracket teams between January 7th and 14th next year. The SEA Fire Championship 2020 Grand Finals will be a BO5 match with a one-map advantage being given to the upper bracket team.

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