Valorant Brings Back Iconic Skins with Its ‘Run It Back’ Bundle

Abhimannu Das
10/Jan/2021 09:08 am

Valorant is bringing back some of the best skins from Episode 1 in a new Run It Back Bundle.
The skins will cost 1175 VP individually and 5936 VP in the bundle.
There are no Episode 2 exclusive skin lineups available just yet and they are likely to release in the Lunar New Year event Riot teased.

Valorant’s Episode 2 will commence next week with Patch 2.0 set to go live on January 12th. The year’s first cosmetic bundle will bring back some of the most iconic skins the game has offered to its players so far in a single bundle. Dubbed the Run It Back Bundle, you get access to some of the best Episode 1 skins at a discounted price. 

How Much Do The Run It Back Skins Cost?

If you want to get the skins individually, they will set you back by 1775 Valorant Points each while the full bundle will cost 5936 VP. The bundle includes the Sovereign Ghost, Oni Phantom, Prime Spectre, Nebula Ares, and Spline Operator skins. 

Producer Preeti Khanolkar and Art Lead Sean Marino revealed “We wanted to create a bundle that included an assortment of some of our favorite skins from Episode 1. We get a lot of messages on social media from players who started playing after those skins were released, who tell us they’re checking their store every day hoping to get that one special skin they want. This was also our way of offering a bundle that included five very different skins so that players who want a different feeling and theme for each of their weapons can have that variety within a single bundle.”

Players who are looking for exclusive skins from Year 2 might have to wait a while before we get new skins. The battle pass includes a ton of cosmetics, and it will launch alongside Episode 2 next week. Premium skin lineups are expected to launch around the Lunar New Year event next month. Riot revealed in their 2021 calendar that the Lunar New Event will span across all of their titles including League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant. 

Some leaks are suggesting that an Infinity Skin Collection is headed to Episode 2 with multiple variants available for the Classic, Spectre, Bulldog, and Phantom. The color variants for these skins include dark green and yellow, white and pink, yellow and silver, and finally, white and red. The datamined information was posted on Valorant Leaks, and we do not have official word from Riot on when the new Infinity skin lineup will be available for players to purchase. The Night Market should also receive an update with most players being unhappy with its current system that offers no re-roll version of getting skins. 

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