Brimstone’s Buffs in Valorant Patch 2.0 May Finally Make Him Viable

Abhimannu Das
10/Jan/2021 11:30 am

Riot is bringing substantial buffs to Brimstone's kit to make him more viable in ranked and competitive play.
The new patch also sees Omen being nerfed with two of his abilities being hit.
Patch 2.0 will also bring in changes to the Classic, a set of returning skins and the game's latest agent, Yoru.

Riot Games revealed everything Valorant players can expect from the upcoming Episode 2 patch. Brimstone players will be very happy with the upcoming changes that should finally open up the Controller archetype when it comes to agent picks. In addition to Brimstone being buffed, Omen received significant nerfs as well, which makes a case for Brimstone being picked up in competitive matches even more. 

What to Expect From Patch 2.0?

While patch 2.0 is not live yet, a number of content creators have already gotten their hands on the update. Everything that players will be getting including the new agent, new battle pass and balance updates have been revealed. The biggest shock of the balance patch comes from the Omen nerfs which are quite substantial and they may hurt Omen’s pickrate. Brimstone, on the other hand, received buffs to all three core abilities. Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 will be available to all players on January 12, 2021. 

Brimstone Buffs

Incendiary: Cost reduced from 300 to 200. 

Stim Beacon: Equip time removed, making the beacon instantly castable. 

Sky Smoke: Cast range increased from 4200 to 5000. Smoke duration increased from 14.25s to 19.25s. 

Omen Nerfs

Paranoia: Cost increased from 200 to 400

Dark Cover: Travel speed decreased from 4000 to 2800

New Agent: Valorant’s much-awaited agent Yoru is finally coming out in just two days. There is a lot of focus on lurking with his kit, and if you love sneaking up on your enemies, you should try out the agent. Yoru can let you go invisible and use decoys to confuse and disorient enemy teams. 

New Battle Pass: The new battle pass will be purchasable for 1000 VP which will offer rewards across 50 tiers that you can level up through your playtime. There will be some Infinity skins available as well that you can use RP to upgrade. 

Run It Back Skin Bundle: The Run It Back Bundle will feature some of returning skins including the Sovereign Ghost, Oni Phantom, Prime Spectre, Nebula Ares, and Spline Operator. The bundle is priced at 5,946 VP. 

Classic: The Classic got a substantial nerf with the right-click fire spread increased substantially compared to what we experience now.

Multiple bugs involving Omen’s teleport ability are also going to be fixed with the update. The new update will also feature some quality of life changes that include a MMR indicator using numbers instead of visuals to show your rank in-game.

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