Twitch Streamers React to PogChamp Being Banned

Abhimannu Das
7/Jan/2021 10:17 am

Twitch removed the PogChamp emote following controversial tweets from Gootecks.
A number of Twitch streamers started campaigning for their faces to be used for the replacement emote.
Twitch will be working with the community to release a new emote that signifies hype on the platform.

Earlier today, Twitch announced their decision to ban the PogChamp from the platform following controversial tweets by the face of the emote. Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, the person whose face is used for the emote allegedly incited “further violence” after riots at the US Capitol building. A number of content creators and Twitch streamers reacted to the issue. 

Streamers Are Competing to Get Featured in The New PogChamp Emote

PogChamp is one of the oldest emotes on Twitch and streamers are trying to get featured for the new emote. Here are some of the reactions from Twitch streamers following the incident. 

Sean ‘Day9’ Plott had one of the best suggestions for Twitch. He suggested that the platform should create a database of general or streamer faces, and whenever someone on chat types the PogChamp emote, it will show one of the new faces at random under the suggested feature. He believes that it would add a “really nice feel” and would allow more meaning to the emote with the community tied behind it. Others suggested hosting a competition where top streamers compete for the new emote and whoever wins gets to have their face used for the brand new PogChamp emote. 

Some fans were upset with the removal of the emote because most people did not associate the emote with Gootecks and simply used it to highlight hype moments on Twitch genuinely or otherwise. It was brought up by many that whatever Twitch did was the right move whether the community connects the emote to what Gootecks’ opinions stand for or no. The former Street Fighter player was encouraging riots and condoned violence, and the streaming platform disassociating itself from Gootecks was seen as the right decision by almost all streamers who reacted to the issue. They stated that deleting a reaction emote is possible one “can’t delete the anxiety, fear and injuries caused by today’s riots at the capitol.”

Hearthstone Streamer Trump Gets Spike in Twitter Followers Amidst Confusion

Trump, also known as TrumpSC, is a popular Hearthstone streamer who saw a spike in followers after the incident at the US Capitol. He tweeted out talking about how people are following the wrong person. It was the intention of clueless Twitter users to follow former US President Donald Trump, but the popular Twitch streamer’s account is the first to pop up for many users with Donald Trump’s account showing up at the 2nd name in the search bar.


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