Riot Teases Incoming Buffs to Brimstone “Very Soon”

Abhimannu Das
7/Jan/2021 07:10 am

A Valorant dev teased that buffs are headed to Brimstone in an upcoming update.
The response came after a number of players talked about the agent's viability compared to Omen.
Omen will also see some adjustments because of multiple game-breaking glitches.

The controller class in Valorant is currently dominated by Omen to the point that Viper and Brimstone do not see enough play. The class balance has been discussed in forums and social media for months, and it seems like Riot is finally ready to adjust Brimstone’s abilities to make him more viable.

Why Does Brimstone Need A Buff?

A Valorant player posted on Reddit talking about how Omen’s smokes are much more effective than Brimstone’s because of the activation time. And the smokes do not regenerate over time either which puts the agent at a big disadvantage against the likes of Omen. 

One of the common suggestions in the Reddit thread was to offer a faster pullout time whenever Brimstone activates his smokes and potentially increase his range as well. Another suggestion that did the rounds was to let the agent choose which spots he wants to smoke before the round starts, and it would automatically trigger his abilities. By allowing instant smokes, it would put Brimstone at a much better place in the meta than he is right now. 

Riot Developer Altrombe responded saying that Brimstone buffs are coming very soon. The dev did not mention how soon we can expect the agent to be buffed, but the earliest players can expect a balance update next week when the new Episode goes live in Valorant. The unspecified buffs could help Brimstone finally be viable enough to be picked over Omen in competitive play. 

Other Upcoming Changes Coming to Valorant

Another change that players can expect is to have the recent Omen glitch that lets you phase into walls in Split removed. Omen’s ultimate ability From the Shadows is one of the strongest abilities in the game but ever since the game’s release, the agent has been causing a lot of problems and has caused game-breaking glitches.

Yesterday, a glitch was discovered that let’s Omen phase into a wall in Split, making him completely unkillable. This is not the first time that such a glitch has been discovered with the hero and the latest glitch comes just days after a similar bug was discovered. Riot has promised an update soon, and we can expect the agent to be fixed in the next major update around January 12th, 2021. The upcoming update will also feature a new battle pass, a new agent, and a ton of new content headed to the game for players. 

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