Vision Strikers and Absolute JUPITER Dominated Valorant’s APAC Region in 2020

Abhimannu Das
6/Jan/2021 02:43 pm

Vision Strikers and Absolute JUPITER continue to dominate the APAC region in Valorant's competitive esports scene.
Ascent is still the most popular map in competitive play with a 29.5% pickrate.
Vandal is the most used weapon in competitive matches with a pickrate of over 32%.

2020 saw the release of Valorant years after Riot teased the game as Project A. With a robust competitive scene that offered up to $100,000 in prize pools per region, we had some of the best teams in the world competing in the game. The Asia Pacific region was dominated by two teams in particular – Absolute JAPAN and Vision Strikers. 

Overview of The APAC Region in 2020

ValorantValorant APAC Overview.
Image Credit: The Spike

In terms of the most player-defining statistics, the APAC region is not too far behind compared to other bigger regions. Vision Strikers are statistically the most dominant force in the region with Absolute JUPITER right on their trails. The top three K/D holders in APAC are from Vision Strikers with JUPITER’s takej taking up the fourth spot. 

Ahq e-Sports club’s Milk has the top spot for both ADR and ACS. An interesting statistic shared by is that Jinggg from Reality Rift is currently the highest K/D, ADR, and ACS holder in the APAC region but he does not qualify because he has not played enough games in a competitive setting to make it to the list. He is definitely shaping up to be a player to watch out for especially with Valorant Champions Tour set to offer a broader stage for the APAC teams to compete against each other. 

Jett is by far the most popular agent in the region with four out of the top five ACS score holders using the agent. Two out of the top K/D holders main Jett while four of out the top five ADR holders make use of the popular agent as well. 

The criteria for players to be added to the list was at least 400 tracked rounds in their respective regions. For the NA and Europe statistics, The Spike kept the benchmark at 1000 tracked rounds.   Showmatch events have been excluded for the purposes of the analysis. 

Other Important Competitive Statistics

Valorant Popular WeaponsMost used weapons in Valorant.
Image Credit: The Spike

Ascent is by far the most popular map in the game with a pick rate of 29.5%. Bind and Haven are not too far behind, and Split is significantly lower than the top three at just 16.5%. Icebox is a new map and was barely selected in competitive play with just a 0.8% play rate. 

In terms of weapons, the Vandal takes a solid lead with a 32.8% pick rate over other choices. Phantom is the second most popular weapon with a 24.4% usage rate. The trusty Classic which is an early-round weapon has a pick rate of 7.9%, and it takes the number three spot.

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