Jumps in Valorant You Might Not Know About

Abhimannu Das
5/Jan/2021 11:17 am

There are techniques in Valorant that allow you to push beyond your movement limits in-game.
The easiest technique is with Jett and crouch jumping off of ridges which gives you great height.
You can use Viper's Snake Bite to jump throw when planting spikes and catch enemies by surprise.

Valorant is very restrictive in terms of movement speed and map traversal but it does not stop players from breaking the speed limit and finding out new ways to maneuver around the map. From double and triple jumps with Raze to Jett’s jump and glide spots all over Icebox. Here are some neat jumps that you may not know about. 

Icebox Parkour 

The latest technique essentially uses the crouch and jump techniques we already know. It is very similar to the crouch jump techniques used in CS:GO. You want to make use of small ridges all over the map to get a slight bit of elevation and as you move towards your destination you want to jump and hold crouch and release crouch as soon as you collide with the ridge you are walking towards. That is all you need to do to trigger wall jumps or big boosts. 

Jett’s Jump and Slide

Players come up with ways to boost themselves around the map and Icebox is one of the best places to make use of Jett’s maneuverability. You can angle boost on the map by using in-game abilities and catching enemies by surprise. This is by no means a new technique that will instantly help you improve at Valorant but with more agents and maps being released into the game, the more versatile these uncanny moves become. 

Viper Jump Throws

Viper Jump ThrowYou should get massive height if you pull off the jump correctly as shown in the image.
Image Credit: Riot Games

You can perform a lineup with Viper’s wall on Icebox on various maps. An easy location to try it on is the Site B entrance in Icebox. Place your crosshair where the wall seam meets the middle panel and click. Right after you place your wall, you want to plant the spike and you now want to stand near the second cubby and aim up with your Snake Bite. If you time it properly you should be able to jump off right before your Snake Bite lands on the ground giving you an easy jump throw. 

This can be expanded even further with the help of your teammates. You can ask your teammates to crouch near objects that you want to mount and make use of the same parkour tricks that we explained above. You can achieve the same effect with Sage walls as well. It has been months since the technique was discovered and Riot Games is yet to patch it but we will not be surprised if these boosts go out of hand. 

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