Biggest Problems Within Valorant and What Riot Can Do to Fix Them

Abhimannu Das
4/Jan/2021 11:29 am

Valorant has a number of underlying issues that need to be addressed to improve player experience.
The most glaring issue right now is the number of throwers and AFKers who abuse the ranked system and make it a terrible experience for some players.
Riot is already working on some of these issues but it may take months until we receive updates.

The Valorant community is very vocal about the game, and Riot does a good job of listening to their player base. Several issues that have been brought up within the forums have been addressed fairly quickly but there are still problems that require the developers’ attention. Here are the biggest problems within Valorant and how Riot can fix them. 

Biggest Problems Within Valorant

No Ranked Spectator Mode or Replay System 

There is no way to spectate Ranked matches in Valorant which is a major issue for players who want to analyze their own gameplay and improve. Replays also help report cheaters and throwers to Riot with proof. Currently, there is no way to spectate. Ranked matches either and Riot can easily implement it and also prevent game sabotage by adding a substantial delay to the spectator mode to avoid sniping. 

Ranked System

There are numerous issues with the ranked system, the most basic of which is that you can potentially lose MMR even with a positive win rate. The visual indicators should be replaced with actual numbers to see how much MMR you need to climb to the next rank. Throwers and AFKers who plague ranked also need to be dealt with. Riot has been working on all of the abovementioned issues, and hopefully, we see improvements to the ranked system soon. 

Night Market System 

The Night Market is a solid addition for players who want to gets skins at a discount. However, the system is driven by RNG and there is no way to re-roll your drops. The only way to get a new set of skins is to wait for the next rotation of skins for your account which takes an entire month. Players have requested a re-roll feature which the developers have taken note of, and we might be able to roll the drops using Radianite points in the future. 

Lack of Maps and Map Selection

The number of maps that we have in the game right now is just too little. We also do not have a way to select maps when queuing up, which is not fun when you want to try out new maps or play specific maps. Last year when the new Olympus map in Apex Legends launched, Respawn added the ability to free roam in the map as a separate game mode. Something similar or the ability to queue into specific maps would help players greatly. 

Training Mode 

The Training mode is not as good as it can be. Being able to queue into custom maps and getting access to lower ability cooldowns to test synergies and picks would be greatly appreciated. A better custom mode and training range will help a lot of players who want to improve at the game.  

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