Missing CEO Forces Top 20 NA Valorant Team To Disband

Abhimannu Das
4/Jan/2021 07:52 am

CEO of Mamba Mode Gaming Gabe Ren has been missing for two weeks without notice.
The Valorant team of MMG are owed salaries and tournament winnings but they cannot get in touch with Ren.
The team will disband within 3 days if the CEO does not respond to their communication.

Mamba Mode Gaming is among the top 10 Valorant teams in North America as per VLR.GG rankings and they were forced to disband due to unusual circumstances. CEO Gabe ‘Mamba’ Ren has been unreachable for two weeks, and no one knows his whereabouts. 

Mamba Mode Gaming CEO Missing

Creed, also known as Monkey Mode Gaming, explained that the CEO has disappeared without a word multiple times in the past but always showed up after a gap of several times. With his disappearance lasting more than two weeks this time, the team has no choice but to disband. Gabe Ren has been unreachable through texts, calls, and direct messages online. 

Players in the team revealed that Ren has been playing Tower Defense 6 on Steam, which implies that the CEO is ignoring the team despite being available. Ren owes the players $3,500 in salary and prize winnings, and he may have abandoned the team for good. According to Creed, “I have been without pay since my tweet LFO. On top of this, All the players currently under contract have an Occupational Abandonment clause in the contract. This states that Both player and owner are tied to a 3 day no contact rule. If after 3 days of trying to reach out to player/management, if no contact is made contract is now null. We've been holding out hope that we wouldn't have to invoke this clause, but here we are.” 

Due to his recent actions, the team will invoke the Occupational Abandonment Clause in their contract, which will cause the contracts to be nullified, and the team will be disbanded if the CEO does not respond within 3 days. The team has been successful in NA and has peaked at #15 in the VLR.GG leaderboards. They are currently ranked #19 on the leaderboards with wins at Nerd Street Gamers Open 15, the Pulse Series, and the November Qualifier for NSG. They also secured a win at the Valorant Sunday Showdown Week 35, one of the more popular events in Valorant.

The CEO is yet to respond to the players, and it is unknown what his intentions are. It is currently not known if any of the players will press legal charges against Ren for his negligence towards his team and non-payment of tournament winnings and salaries. Such incidents are common in smaller organizations, and this is one of the only times that a top tier team has run into non-payment and potential fraud issues. 

Here is the final statement from the MMG team: 

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