FaZe Banks Breaks COVID-19 guidelines At New Years Party

Abhimannu Das
4/Jan/2021 05:24 am

FaZe Banks was seen partying at a New Years' event while breaking US health guidelines.
The issue was brought up by multiple internet personalities and most notably Rod 'Slasher' Breslau.
Banks or his organization is yet to comment on the issue since Slasher's tweet went viral.

FaZe Banks is one of the co-owners of FaZe Clan, has found himself in yet another controversial situation by breaching COVID-19 guidelines at a New Years Party. Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau shared Banks’ Instagram stories that show him partying despite the US health department asking people to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet in social spaces. Multiple esports and internet personalities have shunned the FaZe member’s behavior. 

FaZe Banks’ Controversial Past 

Richard “Ricky” Bengston is a 29-year-old YouTuber from Massachusetts. He is also known as FaZe Banks, Ricky Banks, or simply Banks. He is one of the founders and co-owners of FaZe Clan, and while he is currently inactive on YouTube, he is a core member of FaZe and recruits talent and employees. 

Last year Banks was throwing a surprise party in LA at the famous Hollywood sign, and when the police showed up, he made it look like they were hosting a photoshoot to avoid the officials from breaking up the party. People on the internet were unhappy with how Banks lied to cops. Just weeks after that incident, Banks is shown throwing a New Years’ party and sharing images and videos all over social media. Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau said that it is not “very FaZe up of Banks to spread covid like this.”

In 2019 Banks destroyed a hotel room, including its TV, windows and made a mess. He threw a party that went out of control, and hotel officials were not happy with what he did. Popular Fortnite star Tfue had been in an altercation with Banks in the past. A leaked contract was shared online that revealed Tfue gets only “80% of brand deals, 50% of merchandise, 50% brand deals, 50% appearance fees, and 20% Prize Pools”. Tfue had sued FaZe earlier for limiting his career under California law. Tfue left FaZe Clan because he was given only 20% of the revenue from branded videos published on Twitch. 

Last year Banks tweeted out, “This corona sh** has officially moved from being a meme to a serious f** problem clearly. Scary sh**” while breaking guidelines just months down the line himself. Slasher brought up Banks’ organization taking Paycheck Protection Program money and misusing it for partying.  FaZe Clan has not commented on Banks breaking COVID guidelines or Slasher’s comments on the organization spending PPP money yet. 

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