Ninja Believes That the Music Industry Neglects Content Creators

Abhimannu Das
3/Jan/2021 10:04 am

Ninja talked about how music and gaming companies are different in dealing with content creators.
He feels that music companies just restrict free usage of their property by content creators.
Gaming companies on the other hand see the value that content creators have to offer according to Ninja.

Online content has become mainstream over the years but record label companies are constantly trying to restrict free usage of music according to popular Twitch streamer Ninja. One of the biggest controversies in Twitch last year was the platform asking its creators to stop streaming copyrighted music. Following a notice sent out by the streaming platform, there were tons of suspensions, and it led to streamers deleting their VODs to avoid being hit with a lawsuit. 

What is Ninja’s Stance on Music Companies? 

During one of his Valorant streams, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins revealed that DMCA laws are ‘ignorant’ about the gaming industry. With instances of US Senators pushing bills that could punish DMCA strikes with jail time, streamers and their viewers are not happy with the way the music industry is handling things. There is still a lot of confusion on how the laws work and if streamers can get in trouble for using songs in their content. One of Ninja’s fans asked if using a video game’s content being streamed online would lead to bans as well, similar to the music industry’s stance on “piracy”. 

Ninja responded to the stream saying “DMCA is everything to do with music, okay? Having the rights to be able to stream video games … gaming companies understand, and they realize the value that streamers and content creators bring. And they don’t try to monetize off of it. And that’s the difference between the music and the gaming industry.”

The gaming industry does not restrict players from streaming their playthroughs online and make money off of it. However, the music industry has always been restrictive on what can be streamed and what cannot be streamed online. Unless a streamer has rights to stream copyrighted music, they cannot do so without risking themselves to a DMCA strike. 

Ninja elaborated that or gaming companies, allowing streamers to play their titles and promote the games to their audience is value already. And it is not worth monetizing games any further. With games offering free publicity for publishers, it frees up a little marketing budget which is why gaming companies do not restrict content creators. There have been instances of publishers even promoting streamers and sponsoring them for playthroughs. 

Music companies, on the other hand, want to monetize the usage of their property as aggressively as possible. Ninja’s stance on the matter is that music companies ignore the value that content creators can offer to them and restrict them instead which is very different from what gaming companies do. 

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