Mika Daime Responds to Recent Toxicity Allegations

Abhimannu Das
3/Jan/2021 07:12 am

Filipina streamer Mika Daime issued an apology for her recent actions that upset her fans.
AMPLFY ended their partnership with the streamer due to toxicity on stream.

Mika Daime was recently accused of being toxic towards another player in Valorant. There were other accusations thrown at her as well in the past including TSM Wardell calling her an aimbotter and a wall-hacker. She responded to the recent allegations and told her side of the story on her Facebook page in a livestream titled: "My Side". 

Mika Daime’s Version of The Valorant Incident 

She started off by saying that people do not believe her side of the story which is why it is difficult to please everyone and offer a valid response. In the past, a lot of players in her lobbies would call her boosted or that she was carried by her teammates. Some even went as far as to stream snipe her to harass her. 

On Toxicity in her recent video that went viral

She addressed the recent video about her toxicity that went viral by explaining that a Sova player posted on All Chat asking “how much for a boost?”. Mika was offended by the message and muted and reported the player for disrespectful behavior. She specified that it was the Sova player who typed the first message in the game. Mika confessed to being upset about the issue because a lot of people accuse her of being boosted. 

On Teabagging

She also responded to accusations about teabagging players by saying that she did not teabag anyone during the match and that it was her teammates who did it. 

Response to Stream Sniping

Mika was also caught stream sniping the Sova player who is a smaller streamer. According to her, the Brimstone player in the match stated that the Sova was boosting. She explained that she only went to the player’s stream to verify the allegations. She assumed that the Sova player was from Core Esports simply because no one responded when she asked for a confirmation. 

Apology to Fantech and Fans

The streamer apologized to Fantech and their users for saying offensive things about the brand. She also added that she does not mind losing her sponsorships and that she was at fault in this situation. However, she added that this whole incident has made her anxious and worried.

She ended the stream by apologizing to everyone. 

"I think I can't do anything now, other than saying sorry to everyone."

Earlier this week, Mika Daime was dragged into controversy after her toxic behavior went viral. After her toxic attitude was clipped and shared online on social media, many in the community claimed that she had made multiple unsavory comments towards smaller content creators and was a toxic figure in the streaming community. Following this, AMPLFY terminated its partnership with the streamer stating that her comments were 'out of line'.

According to Esports Inq, her affiliation with Logitech was also terminated in November 2020.

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