Valorant Agent 14 Yoru Gameplay Video and Abilities Leaked

Abhimannu Das
3/Jan/2021 08:48 am

Valorant's upcoming Agent 14 was leaked in a gameplay video that showcases his abilities.
The character will have flash and teleport abilities along with an ultimate that makes him invulnerable.
Yoru will hit Valorant's live servers in the second week of January.

Valorant’s Agent 14 is still several days away from release but some fans managed to get their hands on a leaked video that showcases the agent including his ability screen. The video is in Russian so the ability names might not be completely accurate with respect to the English version of the game, but the gameplay and our ability breakdown should give you an idea of what to expect. 

Valorant Yoru Ability Breakdown

It takes just 600 credits to get Yoru’s complete loadout and to get his ultimate ability you need a total of 7 points. With fake footsteps and a ton of other interesting tricks up his sleeve, the upcoming agent is by far one of the most interesting releases yet.

Z Ability – The ability creates fake footsteps, and you can tap fire to send the ability ahead of preplace it with your alt-fire. You can also press F to pre-place inactive footsteps ahead of you. 

X Ability – This is your standard flash ability that lets you throw it at a distance, and it’ll trigger as soon as it comes to contact with any surface. 

C Ability – You get a portal that you can teleport from. You can press the fire button to send the portal ahead of you can use your alt-fire to anchor the portal. Using the activate key lets you use the portal. It is unknown if it is just the new agent who can use the portal or other allies and enemies who can make use of your portals. The ability is not well described in the character’s abilities screen, and we need to wait for the agent to release to get a better idea of how it works. 

Valorant Yoru / Valorant Agent 14Yoru's ultimate makes you completely invulnerable and allows you to reposition safely. Image credit: БАЧОК

Q / Ultimate Ability – Valorant Agent 14’s ultimate ability lets you become invisible and invulnerable temporarily. Enemies will still be able to hear you and track your footsteps. Players should be able to combine their ultimates with their Z ability to throw off enemies’ senses. Unlike his teleport, which moves you in a straight line, you have control over your movement and positioning with his ultimate. 

Yoru looks like he’s going to be a very effective duelist with the ability to confuse enemies and get out of danger relatively easily. We can expect the agent to drop with the Episode 2 update in approximately 10 days and fans will also get more insight on the character’s lore at an upcoming event held in Amazon’s Crown channel on January 15th. 

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