Filipina Streamer Mika Daime Under Fire Due To Her Toxicity

Abhimannu Das
1/Jan/2021 04:07 pm

Mika Daime has been dragged into controversy once again after her toxic behavior went viral.
She has been accused of hacking in the past by TSM's Wardell and other professional players.
Her sponsor, AMPLFY has terminated their partnership as a result of her comments

Mika Daime is a popular Filipino streamer who streams Valorant. She was recently in a match with an alleged booster and went into a verbal confrontation with them. After her toxic attitude was clipped and shared online on social media, many in the community claimed that she had made multiple unsavory comments towards smaller content creators and was a toxic figure in the streaming community.

Following this, AMPLFY terminated its partnership with the streamer stating that her comments were 'out of line'.

Mika Daime’s Toxicity Detailed

Core Esports PH posted a video of Mika Daime and brought up multiple instances of the streamer being unprofessional and toxic. According to them, Mika Daime has allegedly harassed smaller streamers and brought up their financial status while being one of the top content creators in Thailand herself. 

An instance of her being visibly angry at one of her allegedly boosted teammates in a Valorant match was also spotted in this video. However, it appears as if she was being boosted in the same match. When the argument got heated between them, she is seen talking about how her booster is better, implying that she is playing on a boosted account. 

Core Esports PH also claimed that the popular streamer was hostile towards Valorant pros who had children. 

According to them, Mika Daime also openly criticized Fantech Philippines while being a Logitech sponsored content creator. Because she is an affiliate of Logitech, being unnecessarily hostile towards other brands is unethical and hurts Logitech’s brand.

Update: Mika Daime's sponsorship with Logitech was revoked in late 2020 prior to the incident. A representative of Logitech PH reached out to us and clarified the same. 

AMPLFY Terminates Partnership

One of Mika Daime's sponsors, AMPLFY, has terminated her partnership with the organization after reviewing the aforementioned video.

TSM Wardell Previously Accused Daime of Being A Potential Aimbot 

TSM’s Matt ‘Wardell’ Yu accused Mika Daime of aimbotting and potentially wallhacking after watching one of her clips. He was intrigued by her clip when he came across it, and after further inspection, he called out that she is clearly aimbotting and potentially using wallhacks. Gen.G’s Player 1 said the same thing about her, but it turned out that she was not cheating. A Riot developer examined the footage and confirmed that she is, in fact, innocent, but it does not seem like it is the case. After Riot cleared her, multiple clips of her popped up that show her cheating blatantly. Despite Riot defending their Vanguard anti-cheat, it seems like people can bypass it. 

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AFK Gaming has reached out to Mika Daime for a statement regarding this matter. We will update this space if and when we receive a response.


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