Valorant Community Launches “Magic Box” to Find Content

Abhimannu Das
29/Dec/2020 08:10 am

The Valorant community came up with an app that lets players search for streamers using AI and machine learning.
Valorant fans can find the best streamers suited to their personality and preferences.
The app is free to use and does not require a signup or personal information.

Members of the Valorant community developed the new search engine for Valorant that makes use of AI to find streamers across all major platforms. The team has been working on the search engine for months, and it seems very similar to content curation apps like Flipboard. The search engine was tested by players within the r/Valorant subreddit and it seems to find the right streamers for each viewer. 

How Does Valorant's "Magic Box" Work

ValorantYou can add your favourite streamers to the list and find potential streamers you will like. Image by Jumper.TV

If you want to search for a content creator, you can head to and hit the let’s go button. Once you are in, you can search for your favourite streamers on Twitch, and you will get related search results for Valorant streamers. You put in names of three streamers you like and you get a list of streamers that fit you best from the Valorant community. In addition to the names of streamers, you can also search based on playstyle, region, personalities and more. 

The app makes use of machine learning and AI to achieve the effect and deploys features used in apps like Netflix and Spotify. Netflix’s collaborative filtering allows the app to make use of billions of data points from not just Twitch but also Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming. Jumper also uses Content-based filtering similar to Spotify’s by scanning live streams to offer real-time results. 

The objective of the app is to find streamers and content based on what Valorant players already follow. If there is a personality they can relate to, the search engine is able to find similar streamers from within the Valorant community. The app is also available for League of Legends and was launched a few weeks ago. 

The app is online only and does not require an account to work or any user information. According to one of the creators “We believe that the next technological leap in the live streaming field is to personalize the selection of relevant streamers for viewers, just like what technology (Spotify) did to music.” This is not the first app made by the community as there are multiple stat trackers and other community apps that make use of the Riot’s API. Mobalytics is one of the biggest partners of Riot Games, and it offers insights for all four of Riot’s games, including Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends and Valorant. Player data collection and data offered by Riot Games through the apps makes it possible. 

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