Ninja Under Fire for Wrongly Accusing Valorant Team BBG of Cheating

Abhimannu Das
21/Dec/2020 10:49 am

Ninja is under fire for wrongly accusing Critical from Built by Gamers in a Valorant tournament.
Critical has been accused of cheating previously but Riot has cleared him every time.
The player was found innocent and BBG will be reinstated to the tournament.

Valorant fans are vocally upset with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins after the popular streamer accused Valorant team Built By Gamers (BBG) of cheating. His accusations came shortly after BBG beat his team at the Knights Before Christmas Invitational 2-0. The accusations led to BBG being wrongly disqualified while the tournament organizers were investigating Ninja’s claims. 

Why Are Fans Upset With Ninja 

Ninja's accusations were made because of a play by BBG’s Tristan ‘Critical’ Trinacty, who looked like he was locking onto a player in the opponent team. Tournament organizers viewed the clip and announced that BBG would be disqualified until all the allegations were fully investigated while allowing Ninja’s team Time In to proceed to the quarterfinals. 

The decision to disqualify BBG was seen as “hasty” by many in the Valorant community, and fans are upset over how Pittsburgh Knights handled the situation. Ninja, too, has been under fire because of his comments on Critical, the BBG player. Ninja justified the decision because of prior cheating allegations, which caused him to post the clip because the play looked suspicious. 

Was Critical Really Cheating? 

Despite it being the fourth time Critical has been accused of cheating, he has been cleared of all allegations every single time. Despite knowing this, Ninja raised suspicions, which is why fans are upset within the community. The first three allegations were cleared by Riot Games, which should have freed Critical of all suspicions according to people within the community.

Popular streamer Thump said the first 3 times he was cleared by riot, who has a lot more information than we do. So the previously 3 accusations shouldn’t factor into this decision whatsoever.” Ninja responded to some of the accusations and said, “First 3 times he was cleared by riot, who has a lot more information than we do. So the previously 3 accusations shouldn’t factor into this decision whatsoever.”

Fortunately, BBG will be reinstated into the tournament and will be heading to the quarter-finals. Critical thanked everyone for supporting him and said, “Stressful day but I am off, thanks to everyone who defended me today and showed support and love to me and the team. Awesome to see the scene stand up for us and I couldn't be happier.” The decision's reversal means that Ninja’s team will no longer be part of the tournament, and BBG will be taking their place. 

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