Riot Games Releases New Valorant Collectibles for Pre-Order

Abhimannu Das
16/Dec/2020 10:35 am

Riot Games launched two new Valorant statues along with Jett and Phoenix themed mousepads.
The statues are priced at $180 each while the mousepads are up for grabs at $18 each.
For the holiday season Riot is also offering discounted cosmetics and a free gun buddy.

Riot Games is now offering a host of new collectible statues and other merchandise that are now available for pre-order. Unfortunately, players will not receive the new items until 2021’s holiday season, which has soured expectations.

What’s On Offer At The Valorant Store?

Valorant JettThe Jett statue is priced at $180 at the Riot Store.
Image by Riot Games

The first two agents that are getting collectible statues are Jett and Phoenix. The Phoenix statue features a fireball in his right hand while Jett is packing her signature knife and seems to be ready for action. The statues are very similar to the in-game models and are well-detailed. But they do have a $180 price tag for each of them. The 10-inch statues will not be available for delivery until Holiday 2021. Valorant fans may have to wait around a year to get the new statues delivered. International shipping can also take up to 4 weeks, depending on where you live. 

If you are looking for less extravagant options to choose from, Riot also released new mousepads. The 14x10” mousepads are double stitched and are available in two designs featuring Jett and Phoenix. The mousepads are priced at $18 each, but you will need to pay for shipping if you do not meet the minimum order value requirements. Import duties are also applicable if you live outside the US. 

Other items available in the merchandise store are hats, hoodies, T-shirts, and more. The Valorant statues have a shipping date of December 31, 2021, currently which means you will not receive your order before 2022 unless specified. 

What Else Is New for The Holiday Season?

If you are looking for Christmas festivities within Valorant, players now have access to a limited-time game mode called Snowball Fight until December 29. Players can log in and experience the new holiday event with its unique power-ups and a casual take on team deathmatch. There is a login reward available for you to grab as long as you play one match of Snowball Fight before December 29. A Snowbro Gun Buddy will be added to your account, but it may take a day or two for it to show up. Players also got access to discounted skins via the Night.Market which features 6 random skins for each player that you can grab at a discount. But, it takes one month for the skins to change, so you will have to wait a bit if you do not like the skins your account can purchase. 

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