New Sova Audio Glitch Leaves Valorant Players Bamboozled

Abhimannu Das
13/Dec/2020 10:04 am

A new bug in Valorant allows Sova players to spam Sova's ultimate voiceline.
Players can hold down the drone and ultimate buttons to trigger the bug repeatedly.
While the bug is not game breaking, it can catch unsuspecting players off guard and force them to reposition.

A new audio glitch was discovered by a Valorant player which allows you to activate her voice line without actually using her ultimate. He posted a video and reported the bug, and there is no word on when it will be hotfixed. While it does not give you a gameplay advantage, it can fool your enemies and move them out of position.

How Does the Sova Audio Glitch Work in Valorant?

Valorant SovaThe bug requires players to have Sova's drone and ultimate abilities up.
Image by Riot Games

If you play Sova, you will notice that you have a drone and your ultimate ability fires three volleys that can give away enemy positioning and kill them. If you get hit by the shots directly you will die and taking partial hits will take away a big chunk of your HP. The blasts are telegraphed and can easily be avoided. Most good players make use of sound queues in Valorant to adjust positioning. And this is where the bug comes in. If you press your drone and ultimate buttons at the same time, it will trigger Sova’s voice line without actually using the ultimate. It can confuse enemy players as they will try to move away instantly if they hear an enemy Sova nearby.

The Hunter’ Fury ability works like every other ultimate in the game. The sound queue is loud enough for Valorant players to get out of harm’s way. By using the new bug, you can scare enemies away and prevent them from pushing you. The bug does not work if you do not have both your recon drone and ultimate ability up, which makes the bug a lot less concerning. If players could spam the voice lines even outside cooldowns, it would be very concerning.

The bug has been posted on the Bug megathread, and hopefully, it will be addressed soon. Players should not abuse the exploit to maintain competitive integrity of matches. The Sova bug was found just weeks after Killjoy, Omen and Sage had to go through bugfixes. Killjoy was able to set up her turrets below Valorant’s maps, and it caused a lot of mayhem.

Omen and Sage were able to work together by making use of Sage’s walls to help Omen teleport to unintended locations. Both bugs were fixed, and Riot nerfed Sage in the process by rendering her unable to setup walls before rounds. While the Sova bug is not game-breaking, it still leads to an unfair advantage against unsuspecting players.

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