EBN Esports City is Southeast Asia’s Largest Esports Arena

Abhimannu Das
13/Dec/2020 01:10 pm

EBN Esports City is the SEA's largest esports venue where gamers and publishers can come together.
The venue boasts of 65,000 square ft of floor area and a seating capacity of 1,000 viewers.
The EBN Esports City will host tournaments in partnership with Riot Games in 2021.

Esports Business Network (EBN) launched a new esports facility in Malaysia that claims to be the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. EBN Esports wants the 65,000 square ft. venue to be the best destination in SEA for local, national and international esports events.

EBN Esports And Its Futureproof Plans for Southeast Asia

EBN Esports wants to ride the wave of opportunity in SEA. With a development cost of RM4,000,000 (US$983,768), the facility can seat around 1,000 people, has multiple event halls, recording studios, esports café and refreshment counters. High-end gaming pcs, consoles and racing simulators are available for gamers to play on.

According to Chief Executive Officer Adrian Gaffor, the “company’s mission is to continue to open doors for brands to enter the world of esports and gaming and to develop a future-proof ecosystem for the community. Having been part of the fast-growing esports industry for close to two decades, we believe it is opportune to expand our offering and introduce a fresh concept to the market for both brands and communities. The launch of the EBN Esports City marks the first phase of our exciting plans.”

The EBN Esports City facility has big plans for 2021 with its owners currently in talks with game publishers to host major events. The Malaysian Esports Election Committee has been asked to appoint the new facility as a venue for SEA games in the future.

Riot Games Has Partnered with EBN Esports

EBN EsportsEBN Esports City. Image by EBN

Gaffor revealed that Riot Games is working with EBN Esports to host multiple tournaments in Singapore and Malaysia shortly. Fans can expect the Riot Games Collegiate Tournament, Valorant First Strike, Valorant Challenger series and Riot Games’ collegiate tour to be held at the facility. Corporate League (a corporate esports event) will also be held at Esports city. Other partnerships are in the works, and they will be announced by EBN soon.

The facility was designed with Malaysia’s National Esports Blueprint in mind, and its goal is to enrich esports in Malaysia and beyond. According to Gaffor, the facility intends to be a place where both consumers and brands can interact with each other. They will continue to follow The Strategic Plan for Esports Development (2020-2025) which was initiated by Malaysia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports. The company will also expand to other cities in the future to promote esports in SEA and beyond.

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