Team Heretics’ Lowel Talks to Riot Games About His Win at Valorant First Strike: Europe

Abhimannu Das
10/Dec/2020 12:21 pm

Lowel of Team Heretics revealed his thoughts on his win at Valorant First Strike Europe.
The team was formed just two months before the tournament and they managed to beat the likes of Liquid and G2.
He will be spending time with his team and family members during the holiday season to celebrate.

Riot Games published an interview with Team Heretics’ Lowel following his team’s win at First Strike: Europe last week. The team was formed just two months ago in October 2020, and they have participated in just two tournaments so far. Lowel said that he wanted to experience First Strike and build synergy with his team in the tournament, but they won the entire tournament, which is an impressive feat. The team is happy with the results and he feels that Heretics is on the right road. 

On Dealing with Pressure in Valorant

Team HereticsTeam Heretics did not feel additional pressure when going up against bigger Valorant teams.
Image by Riot Games

Team Heretics went up against some of the most experienced rosters in the world like Team Liquid and G2, but Lowel did not feel any additional pressure when competing against the behemoths. He said, “Same communication, same intensity if we can destroy them, we destroy them. It doesn't matter who we play against, our attitude needs to be like this always."

The team did have its difficulties, and it showed a few times during the event. Valorant’s newest map Icebox took time getting accustomed to, and he revealed that his team practiced the map just once in the three weeks before the main event. He was not comfortable with his positioning on the map, but they aced their performance on every other map that they played on. 

When they ended up facing SUMN FC on Icebox, it was a 13-1 stomp, but they queued up on their favorite map Haven and pulled the series in their favor. Even if the team lost, he wanted them to keep their attitude up as a unit. According to him, helping and communicating with each other throughout the games despite losses are just chances at improvement. 

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On His Chemistry with Team Heretics

Team HereticLowel says pAura is capable of round-winning callouts. Image by Riot Games

He believes that everyone on the Team Heretics roster is an MVP for him, but one player who stands out is pAura. He talked about how good pAura’s comms are during matches and one moment where his leadership really stood out was in a match on Bind where Heretics were drawn 11-11. pAura called the last two rounds and helped his team win the match.

With the pandemic keeping everyone at home, he does not want to celebrate much. He will be spending time with his family and teammates during the holiday season. He said I'm really proud of my teammates, in every aspect. They did their best; they were helping each other; they were calling. If we were losing 2-9, it doesn't matter, we can win, let's go boys, it doesn't matter if we lose. We never give up. I'm really proud of my team."

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