TSM Wardell Says “It’s Easy Pickings” At the Valorant First Strike Finals

Abhimannu Das
4/Dec/2020 10:35 am

Wardell from TSM believes that they will win the Valorant First Strike NA championship.
Sentinels may be able to reignite their rivalry against TSM at the grand finals later this week.
TSM will be facing off against Team Envy on December 5 for a spot at the finals.

The Valorant First Strike Finals are underway, and the TSM just made it to the semi-finals and will be facing off against Team Envy. After securing a comfortable 2-0 victory earlier today, TSM’s Matthew “Wardell” Yu revealed in an interview that he is not worried about the competition. The player is confident going into all potential matchups, and he told Dot Esports that the only team that can hold them back is themselves.

Valorant First Strike May Reignite the Sentinels vs. TSM Rivalry

Sentinels ValorantSentinels will seek revenge vs. TSM for their loss at the Faze Clan Valorant Invitational.
Image by Sentinels

One of the storylines that fans are very interested in at the Valorant First Strike Finals is the TSM vs. Sentinels rivalry. Among all the teams participating in the tournament, only TSM and Sentinels have had no changes to their squads in the past few months. Wardell is excited about potentially facing Sentinels at the grand finals, and he believes that his team can come out on top. It has been four months since TSM faced off against Sentinels at the FaZe Clan Invitational, where TSM came out victorious. 

Sentinels and TSM are two of the best teams in NA right now. Despite some hiccups in the Valorant First Strike qualifiers, TSM is well on their way to the semifinals. Wardell’s next match with TSM will be against Team Envy, and he believes that “I think our biggest threat is ourselves. As long as we play how we’re supposed to play, then it’s easy pickings.” He talked about how Team Envy does not have any superstar-caliber players, but they work very well in unison.

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Will Team Envy Be Able to Beat TSM?

Team Envy has performed well in the Valorant First Strike qualifiers. Jake “kaboose” McDonald talked about how his team are not underdogs but “underrated.” Without a big streamer or superstar player on their roster, they lack the star power that some other teams possess. They have not won a single match against TSM, Cloud 9, and Sentinels so far. Their victory against Immortals earlier today proved that they are in it to win it. With a comfortable 13-5 victory at Icebox and a closely fought 13-11 on Ascent, Team Envy is headed straight to the semi-finals against TSM.

TSM Wardell revealed that everyone is trying to beat them, and they have targets on their backs. Whoever manages to beat them will get a lot of clout from the win, making him feel that TSM is the best in the tournament. TSM will take on Envy on December 5, and the winning team will have a shot at winning the title of First Strike champions and a prize of $40,000.  

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