Fnatic's Rekkles Set to Replace Perkz At G2

Abhimannu Das
21/Nov/2020 06:57 am

Fnatic's Rekkles is joining G2 Esports and will be reunited with his former teammate Caps.
G2 Esports recently let go of Perkz, who joined Cloud9 and will return to playing in the midlane.
Perkz is considered to be the “most impactful Western player in the history of League of Legends” by C9.

After weeks of rumours indicating Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic may be leaving the LEC to compete in the North American LCS with Cloud9, G2 made a high profile signing by bringing in Rekkles to the roster. Perkz was the longest-serving player at G2, but he wanted to continue playing in the mid lane, something he wasn’t able to do much during his time at his previous team. After Cloud 9 officially acquired Perkz, we are likely to see him make a return to his favourite role. With big shoes to fill in the G2 roster, we saw yet another star signing happen this season with Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson making his way to G2.

Rekkles Has Big Shoes to Fill at G2

Rekkles has been part of Fnatic after indicating that he wants to join a new team. Rekkles had short stints at Elements and Alliance in 2015. With nine titles under his belt, he is one of the greatest League of Legends players of all time. However, he did not quite find the success at Fnatic as he hoped to in recent years.

Fnatic failed to win both splits and lost to G2 convincingly. But they did manage to win the LEC Regional Finals in 2019 against Splyce. Rekkles will be joining his former Fnatic teammate Caps who was part of the Fnatic roster in 2017 and 2018. Caps and Rekkles beat Schalke and G2 at major LCS events. The duo had one of the best runs in Europe of all time but fell short against Invictus Gaming in the Worlds finals in 2018.

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Perkz Seeks to Dominate the North American Scene

Cloud9 heaped praises on Perkz and called him the “most impactful Western player in the history of League of Legends”. Perkz is just as enthusiastic about the move and made it very clear that he is not at Cloud9 to retire. He is here to “dominate and absolutely demoralize” his opponents. Cloud9 and Perkz want to take the region higher than ever before.

PerkzPerkz wants to "dominate and absolutely demoralize" his opponents in North America. Image by Dartfrog

Perkz has eight European championships to his name. Throughout his career, he has won everything from rookie awards to All-Pro championships. He is a veteran midlaner and one of the most accomplished Western players in the world. He hopes to prove himself in the North American scene. Rekkles will have big shoes to fill after Perkz’s departure from G2. Both Perkz and Rekkles are looking to dominate, and it’s only a matter of time we see them face each other once again. 

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